The Birth of Jesus Question and Answer

Jesus’ mother treasured the promises that had been given about her Son and “pondered them.” She would compare those promises with how her Son acted to fulfill them. My faith will be strengthened and I will be encouraged when I meditate on what the Scriptures say about God and compare it with the way He works in my own life. He is a God who answers prayer, comforts me in my suffering, and provides for my needs. When we take time to ponder, we will see the faithfulness of our great God.
Truth is: God gives by promise that we may take by faith.
John the Baptist’s message of repentance and his announcement of the coming Messiah were significant for a change. John’s role was to prepare the way for Jesus the Messiah, and the world was blessed by his obedience. Today my task as Christian is to reflect the crucified and risen Savior in everything I do, and to tell others about Him. God calls me to live according to His instructions in the Bible. And my response will make all the difference in the world.
Truth is: Obedience to God is the key to a lasting influence.
All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.
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Q. What did Mary think a lot of after Jesus’ birth?
A. Luke 2:19 = The Messiah is here! She just gave birth to THE Messiah!

Q. What about the visiting shepherds who saw the baby, Jesus?
A. Luke 2:20 = They were ecstatic!

Q. Who else was told of Jesus, the Messiah’s coming?
A. Luke 2:25–26 = Simeon, who was told by the Holy Spirit of Messiah’s coming in his lifetime.

Q. How did Simeon recognize Jesus?
A. Luke 2:27 = The Holy Spirit led him to the Temple where Jesus was being dedicated.

Q. What did the Hoy Spirit reveal to Simeon about Jesus’ coming?
A. Luke 2:30–32 =
1) Jesus was Savior
2) Not only of the Israelites, but of all people
3) Jesus is light to reveal God to the nations
4) Jesus is Israel’s glory.

Q. Were Joseph and Mary surprised about those things?
A. Luke 2:33 = Yes. They didn’t know about ther rest of the world being saved along with Israel.

Q. What else did Simeon tell them about Jesus?
A. Luke 2:34 = Many in Israel would reject Jesus.
👉Think about this a moment: The Israelites were living in servitude to Rome. God always delivered them from their enemies in a mighty way. A king would assume the throne in Israel—from David’s line. This prophecy fulfilled was different.

This is Messiah. He would not challenge Rome for Israel’s independence (“Render to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s:).
Those focused on Israel’s independence day were sorely disappointed, thus, rejecting Jesus. Then there were the religious folks. Jesus had little or nothing to do with them. He wouldn’t ea a meal with them so they couldn’t glom onto Jesus’ popularity by default, which made them mad, thus, rejecting Him.
The Romans knew Israeli leaders were jealous of Jesus. Note that it wasn’t Jesus not assuming David’s physical throne that upset ordinary people enough to kill Him. It was jealousy of Jesus that led to His violent death.
The jealousy of a few devoted and powerful Israelites was enough. They were jealous of Jesus’ favor with God in doing miracles and minimalizing their once noted poularity with the people. Persecutions and conflicts are the same today. Of course, we are helped along in our sins by Hell itself, which magnifies conflicts to irrational proportions.
All of us may fall under the same sins of the religious leaders prophesied in this chapter. The only way to keep a pure heart is to be in devotion to God in His Word, to pray always, to repent even more! Tell the voices of Hell to shut up (doubt, fear, insecurity) and do it daily until you are dead. Those religious leaders weren’t as devoted as they thought. Unknown Simeon was. May we all take note!

Q. What was a devout Israelite like in Jesus’ day?
A. Luke 2:36–38 = Consider Anna, the prophet, for one. She worshiped and prayed and fasted in the Temple all her life.

Q. Was it hard for Anna to accept Jesus?
A. Luke 2:38 = No. She immediately knew that Jesus was the Chosen One.

Q. Did Jesus wait to serve until He was 30?
A. Luke 2:39–40 = No. Jesus used His wisdom all His life.

Q. What is the earliest recording of Jesus’ ministry?
A. Luke 2:42–47 = At twelve years of age. Jesus taught teachers and rabbis in the Temple.

Q. Was Jesus loved on earth?
A. Luke 2:52 = Yes. He was loved by all who knew Him growing up.

Q. When did John the Baptist begin his ministry?
A. Luke 3:1–2 = In the 15th year of Tiberius’ reign as emperor of Rome.

Q. What prompted John to begin?
A. Luke 3:2 = John received a message from God to begin.

Q. What did John preach?
A. Luke 3:7–14 = Repentance of the heart. Different actions showed repentance for different people:
1) Average people — share what they have with the poor
2) Corrupt tax collectors — stop cheating and collecting more than what is due
3) Soldiers —
A) Don’t extort money
B) Don’t falsely accuse
C) Are content with their pay

Q. Did the Israelites think John was Messiah?
A. Luke 3:15 = They asked him to clarify! He told them NO.

Q. What would Israel’s Messiah be like?
A. Luke 3:16 =
1) Messiah would baptize them with the Holy Spirit and with fire.
2) Messiah would separate true believers from fakes and preserve true believers too.

Q. How did Jesus first introduce Himself?
A. Luke 16:21 = At the synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus boyhood home, He read out of Isaiah 61:1–2, and told the people that the prophecy has come true today.

Q. Did they believe Him?
A. Luke 4:22 = They loved Him as Joseph’s wise son, but they would not accept Him as Messiah.

Q. Why not?
A. Luke 4:24 = No prophet is accepted in his own hometown.
👉This is why Christians need to move away from home—at least to a different town!

Q. What prophets healed miraculously outside of Israel?
A. Luke 4:25 = Elijah and Elisha.

Q. How badly was Jesus rejected in Nazareth?
A. Luke 4:29 = They tried to throw Jesus over a cliff and kill Him.

Q. Did Jesus preach on the Sabbath anywhere?
A. Luke 4:31 = Yes. , Jesus taught every Sabbath in Capernaum synagogues

Q. Did Jesus preach in other synagogues?
A. Luke 4:44 = Yes, in synagogues throughout Judea. Even on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

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