The Word of God can bear fruit only in the lives of those who receive the Word in faith

As Jesus went around preaching and teaching in towns and villages, besides his twelve disciples there were many women who also followed Him and supported His ministry. These women had either experienced healing miracles or were delivered from evil spirits and served Him out of gratitude for the same, vs 1-3. Revelation on the parables that Jesus told were specially reserved for those who were His disciples, vs 9,10!

Jesus explained the parable of the sower to them, and that too, only because they asked Him for an explanation! He taught that the Word of God can bear fruit only in the lives of those who receive the Word in faith, with meekness and seek to walk in obedience to the same by repenting, on deviating from the Word, either in times of persecution or when tempted by the cares and worries of life or the deceitfulness of riches. It is then that their hearts can become that good soul in which the Word can take root and bear fruit abundantly, 4-8,11-15!

In this way they will be a light to those who come in touch with them and will have nothing to hide when exposed before men! Therefore, the manner in which we listen to God’s Word is the determining factor as to whether we will get more revelation or not, vs 16-18! And only those who hear and obey the Word in this manner can be the true relatives (brother, sister, mother) of Jesus, vs 19-21. They will have the right kind of faith that is needed, and so can be used by Him to walk on water, still storms, vs 22-25, drive out demons, 26-39, raise the dead, vs 40-42,49-56, and also do many miracles of healings and true signs and wonders too, vs 43-48, without being cast out on that final day when they stand before the Lord! Hallelujah! May we be determined to be such people who do violence to our flesh and take God’s kingdom by force in such a time as this! Amen.

Rowena Thomas