Why are we commanded to remember Lot’s wife?

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Day 226, 270 Days Bible Reading, Thursday, 25.2.21.

In this Lockdown we can either be remembered for being pillars of unusable salt or for being useful salt of the earth… Luke 17:32.

🗿 Jesus doesn’t ask us to remember Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Hannah, Esther, Abigail or Ruth. We are commanded to remember this one unnamed woman who is only known as Lot’s wife. She was unnamed probably because it can apply to anybody, including us. Lot’s wife is to be remembered for a lot of trouble she caused. Among all the women in the Bible, Jesus chose to warn us through an unnamed woman about the dangers of looking back to a life that we are called to leave behind (Luke 17:32). There is no more sober admonition in the whole Bible than this.

Remember Lot’s wife

🗿 Jesus was speaking on the subject of His Return to earth and how unprepared the people will be at His Second Coming and as a warning, He said to “Remember Lot’s wife”, Luke 17:32. We all risk forgetting this important lesson that Jesus told us to remember. Her husband was a just man and she was privileged to be married to a just person. With privilege comes responsibility. Though Lot had so many faults, and made unwise choices, like choosing to stay near Sodom and Gomorrah, he remained righteous, Genesis 13:10-13. Lot’s wife was there with Abraham and Sarah. She saw all things and could have learned from them how to live by faith. She was among people who chose to follow God. She literally held the hand of God’s own angels and in spite of all of these great privileges she died without grace, without hope, without God, and as an unbeliever, Genesis 19:16-24.

Why are we commanded to remember Lot’s wife?

🗿 Obeying the Word of God alone can change a person. Jesus said remember Lot’s wife, which means we don’t have to visit Lot’s wife’s memorial pillar in Israel that attracts a lot of tourists including me, but we must remember the Words of Jesus. Why are we commanded to remember Lot’s wife? Because, we are warned that, when Jesus returns He will find those who have not heeded to His Words. It was her Disobedience that Jesus was pointing out. Jesus was warning us that there will be those who have been called out to serve the Lord, will look back to the place where they left and tend to turn into spiritual pillars of backslidden people. People who will be full of regret, laziness, lukewarm and cold. They will be doing their own thing playing church and have their own hidden agendas.

🗿 Child of God, Remember this, don’t wait for the lockdown to be over to catch up with your own agenda that was put on halt. But rather seek God’s face like never before and get on track to do His will. Mrs. Lot was so close to salvation and still not saved. She was next to God’s angels and did not have God in her heart. We can go to the best church and hear the best preacher and still be lost. We can be reading the Bible all our life and still be unsaved.

🗿 We can be in the pews and doing our best deeds all our lives and doing things religiously. But, if we don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus our Lord and Saviour, what good is it? There is a reason why Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife.” She had such Divine Opportunities to be saved by Faith. Instead, she perished in spite of living among God’s people. God’s wonderful breakthrough deliverance was being played all around her but it didn’t touch her! We have to wisen up and come humbly to the saving grace of Jesus who loves us so much and paid a heavy price to save us. Let our lives be built on the Pillars of Wisdom (Proverb 9:1) in this lockdown, so that we don’t look back to be the pillars of tasteless salt, but instead be the salt of the earth, Matthew 5:13… Amen. 🙏

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