Questions and Answers in Mark 07-09

Q. Okay, I get it now. But is there a shortcut to good behavior?
A. Yes. If you love God and man, you wouldn’t think to break a single command.

Q. Did Jesus heal Gentiles? A. Mark 7:26–29 = Yes.

Q. What reputation did Jesus have?
A. Mark 7:37 = Everything Jesus did was wonderful. No one could keep silent about His deeds.

Q. When I don’t have enough, what should I do?
A. Mark 8:6–7 = Bless what I do have and ask God to multiply it.

Q. Why don’t more people take up their callings as healers?
A. Mark 8:11–12 = People may ask them to perform a miracle at their request to prove they are really healers. God doesn’t move that way.

Q. So what should they do? A. Mark 8:12 = Refuse to perform, as Jesus did. The motivation of the heart is the problem.

Q. What lessons did the disciples fail to learn?
A. Mark 8:17–21 = They didn’t grasp that they could ask God to provide as He provided for Jesus.

Q. Do miracles work the first time?
A. Mark 8:22–25 = Sometimes they take a few times of anointing whatever is wrong. Sometimes they come, but slowly.
👉Do you recognize the answers to prayers in your life? One friend prayed for her eyes to heal. Years passed. She was disappointed. But she did get her healing. She had to learn first to trust God about her entire life. Tracking her prayer, this is the sequence of events:
1) Prayer for healed eyes
2) Retina detached
(1) and couldn’t even do corrective surgery
3) Prayers continued
4) Retina reattached, corrective surgery possible with a 20:70 chance of success. She declines surgery
5) Prayers continued
6) New tissue formed and strengthened retina to eye
7) Surgery now 98:2 chance of success
8) Surgery fixed vision to 25/20
9) Miracle:
A) New tissue formed
B) No reduction in sight since surgery two years ago
👉The second eye has a cataract. Because she waited to long, the eye may be ruined. We all live under cause and effect law. The point is to ask for a miracle when it is needed. Don’t procrastinate! And I hope my friend will ask God to heal her second eye. Like the disciples, she saw a miracle once and quickly forgot how to ask again. We are all like this, God help us!

Q. When Jesus returns, will He come alone?
A. Mark 8:38 = No. The holy angels will accompany Him.

Q. There are a lot of verses pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Is it still to come?
A. Mark 9:1 = No. It came before the death of Jesus’ disciples.

Q. When?
A. Acts 1 = at Pentecost.

Q. How do we know that was the beginning of the Kingdom of God?
A. Mark 9:1 = It came with great power.

Q. What should we remember NOT to say when praying for a miracle?
A. Mark 9:2 = “If” God can, please do (whatever).

Q. What is the truth about healing?
A. Mark 9:25 = Anything is possible if you believe.
👉 It costs us nothing to believe God. Wait a minute, we take that back. It costs our nailing our doubt to the cross permanently to believe God.

Q. How can I stop myself from doubting?
A. Mark 9:24 = You can’t. Ask Jesus to help you not to doubt.

Q. Are there demonic spirits with certain roles?
A. Mark 9:25 = Yes. This boy had a spirit of deafness and muteness.
👉When praying for deliverance from a specific thing, call it by the name of the illness: the spirit of anger or addiction or bitter root of disrespect of parents, or whatever. Tell it to go in Jesus’name. Then loose its opposite, in this case, loose patience, freedom or honor of parents.

Q. What should precede deliverance?
A. Mark 9:29 = Prayer and fasting, especially when deafness and muteness are present.

Q. What is more important than healing ministry?
A. Mark 9:30–31 = Sitting down with God’s Word and letting Him teach it to us.

Q. Why is that more important?
A. Mark 9:31 = God’s Word in us prepare us for tough times ahead.

Q. What puts us in the ideal place in our Christian life?
A. Mark 9:35 = Being a servant to all, accepting the smallest child as important as God Himself.

Q. Do some people not quite comprehend salvation and yet respect believers?
A. Mark 9:38–41 = Yes.

Q. Who is for Jesus?
A. Mark 9:39–41 = Those not against Him.

Q. Example please?
For Jesus Against Jesus

  1. Respects and helps believers
  2. Persecutes believers
  3. Defends believers
  4. Falsely accuses believers
  5. Mimicks God’s work, though doesn’t fully understand it
  6. Loves rituals of religion

Q. Do all believers know God’s Word well? A. Mark 9:42 = No.

Q. How should I relate to them as one who knows better?
A. Mark 9:42 = As one to protect what faith he has.
👉 Which causes unity to happen!

Q. How could my hand cause me to sin against a weaker brother or child?
A. Mark 9:37–41 = In the context of this verse,
1) Treating children badly would be physically bullying them insted of loving them with a pat on the head or a loving hug
2) With a weaker brother, it would be using your exalted place in church to halt him with your hand to stop him from his own calling, or to prevent him from using his spiritual gifts in church, or else judging his unique brand of evangelism that seems off to you.

Q. Why do believers stumble?
A. Mark 9:37–41 = Because railroad them into believing that God doesn’t accept their ministry or simplicity, causing them to turn and run from God. If we are harsh, a person takes that harshness as if from God. What does a child feel after his sunday school teacher backhands him or behaves roughly? That God is mean and behaves roughly. What does a weaker brother who doesn’t read the Word much feel when treated roughly by believers he looks up to? Like the Christian walk is too hard to live and if God is like that, he’ll be happier in Hell. The problem with children and weaker brethren is that they know instinctively that they are worthy of unconditional love. We come along and as believers they look up to, trash the image of God to them, and make them terrified of God. We represent God, therefore, we must behave like Jesus did. Let the Word flow to you from the throne of God. The love God gives you flows through you in unending life–giving health. There is no reason to resist! Your obedience to reading God’s Word will smooth over your rough spots and go out from you to a dry and thirsty land.

Q. How can my foot cause a weaker brother to stumble? A. Mark 9:39 = Sending him off the right path on his journey toward God. Not encouraging him and reminding him that he is loved and God is always with him, no matter what.

Q. How can my eye cause someone to stumble?
A. Mark 9:39–41 = I judge him with my eyes. I see something and label him. Only God can judge rightly.
👉 This passage is used many ways. Every new generation can find a new application for their day. The point is for each new generation to not be one that lacks love. Be excited for every new work, for the life of every child born; see all things as a tremendous gift. See God’s sovereignty turn every evil into good. And avoid behaving sinfully at all cost!

Q. Why are there weaker brothers and imperfect children in my life?
A. Mark 9:49 = They are purifying fire to me.
👉 If you run away from imperfect people, you will miss the purifying fire that wll burn the slag off your ever–transforming heart. If you stay, you may not treat them harshly (no one means to be mean), but you know that something about these people threaten you. Rather than treat them roughly or run away, ask God what He would like to teach you through them. Apply the fruit of the Spirit to every person, regardless of their personality. You do your part and let God serve them through you. Be a vessel of honor. Feel the refining fire!

Q. What else is the enduring testing by fire called?
A. Mark 9:50 = Seasoning with salt.

Q. Which means…?
A. Mark 9:49 = Maturing, living by virtues that make you a leader, respected for your peaceable disposition.
👉This only comes by refining fire! Remember the context!

✍️🌝Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 🌝✍️