Storms Are Designed to Activate Faith and Deactivate Fear

💫 Interesting Twelve 💫

Every little detail in the Bible carries and conveys concrete content. It is really fascinating to note that the number twelve is mentioned often in today’s reading portion (Mark 3-6). Numbers are important; hence God was particular that it was accurately noted in every incident.

Twelve can be found in nearly 187 places in the Bible. It is found 22 times in the Book of Revelation. Twelve symbolizes completeness, authority or perfection. Returning to the number twelve we read that Jacob had twelve sons. Ishmael also had twelve sons.

Twelve unleavened loaves of bread were kept weekly in the Temple. Twelve men went to spy the Promised Land. The Tree of Life mentioned in Revelation will bear twelve types of fruits. Jesus first spoke in the Temple when He was twelve years old.

Jesus selected twelve Apostles (Mk 3:14). A woman with bleeding issue for twelve years was healed when she touched the garment of Jesus (Mk 5:25). Jesus brought back to life a twelve year old girl (Mk 5:42). Jesus send the twelve disciples two by two for ministry (Mk 6:7). Twelve basketful of broken pieces of bread and fish were collected after feeding the multitudes (Mk 6:43).

Dear ones in Christ, the Bible is specific in mentioning the numbers. Though we may not understand everything, it is interesting to study the Scriptures under various headers. And we can search and study the Scriptures that mention about twelve.

If God was so particular about recording the numbers, won’t He be concerned more about us? He knows us; He understands us; He cares for us. He knows the number of hairs in our head. He will never leave us or forsake us.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍
February 15, 2021

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
Food from my Host’s Kitchen Table 🍽️🍯🥛🍴
Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 216, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 15.2.21.

In this Lockdown Storms Are Designed to Activate Faith and Deactivate Fear….Mark 4:35-41.

🌀Right now I am writing this insight in the eye of the Covid Storm unable to go home for a funeral and like some of us we can go on asking questions that doesn’t make sense to the natural mind. I didn’t realize when I left home a year ago that I won’t be seeing some loved ones. I can either go on questioning God or surrender my questions into His hands and enjoy His Peace in the storm.

🌀When Jesus said to His Disciples.. “let us go to the other side, Mark4:35..” they were in the Perfect Will of God. But, they were also heading for a Perfect Storm, a Storm that arose because they were in the Perfect Will of God.

🌀What was the purpose of the Storm Lets go back a few scriptures to verses13-20 where Jesus was explaining the Parable of the Sower. In verses 17-18, it is written that because of the Word trouble or persecution comes

🌀To choke the Word to make it unfruitful. Satan is Not after You!. Satan is after the Word IN You which You Heard before the lockdown!*He comes to steal the Word, Mark 4:15. Satan is the thief who comes ONLY to steal the Word, and then, leaves you to self destruct and kill your dreaml yourself, John 10:10.

🌀Jesus gave the Disciples His Word.. Let us go to the other side Mark 4 v35. His Perfect Word, Psalm 19:7, was good enough for them to go to the other side. He Himself is the Word, Revelation 19:13. The Word that was in the Beginning was in the Boat, John 1:1. Jesus arose Large on the Inside to deal with the Storm Large on the Outside, to Still it with His Word.. “Be quiet..Be still..”. Now, in the midst of the high drama on the Sea, Jesus was woken up by His screaming disciples, asking, the classic question of Doubt and Unbelief… “Don’t you care if we drown?”, Mark 4 v38.

🌀In this Lockdown with so much uncertainty, we too can be tempted to say, “Lord, don’t you care we will lose our job, home, loved ones and our own lives?” Jesus was having a Perfect Sleep with Perfect Peace in a Perfect Storm*. Simply Perfect! For Jesus a Perfect Storm is the Perfect Situation to Release His Perfect Peace. That is what He was teaching His Faith-less Disciples. How to be Peaceful in the Midst of a Storm!. The Prince of Peace was in their midst sleeping Peacefully and what they should have done was to go to sleep as well!

🌀Let Jesus on the Inside of you speak through your mouthpiece to your storms. Say.. “Peace Be”, every time you face fear in this Covid 19 storm.

🌀When Jesus our Prince of Peace is in us, He will draw us from the fear of death from drowning in the Covid 19 storm. Remember He overcame the Fear of Death for us, Hebrews 2:15. Keep on saying Shalom to your situation, over your family, over your health, finance and anything you are afraid of.

🌀Child of God, Remember this, as soon as the Disciples heard the Word of Faith from Jesus, during His teaching, they also heard the word of Fear from Satan in the storm. Notice.. *JESUS DID NOT REBUKE HIS DISCIPLES. HE REBUKED THE WIND AND SPOKE TO THE SEA. So take heart, He knows you, He will come to your level and bring you out. Only Believe His Word and Activate your Faith and Speak Shalom.

🌀When storm comes it is natural to feel fear but don’t be afraid to go to the other side of your destination or assignment because it is NOT the Jesus who Rose from His SLEEP that is in You. IT IS THE JESUS who Rose from The DEAD that is in You. JESUS IS LARGE AND IN CHARGE IN EVERY STORM in this Lockdown…..Amen🙏🙌🙏

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