Do not worry Matthew 6:25-34

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of the people in the world are going through unprecedent problems and are going through worries of different levels… Problems can come for everyone but how we face it or handle it differs from person to person and depends on who we are or where we are.

Sermon on the Mount (Mt.5-7)- Jesus’ teaching to those who came to Him including the disciples and the crowd.(Mt.5:1,2)

Mt. 6:25-34 is His command not to worry. “Therefore” in v.25 is a continuation of Mt.6:24, where He mentioned that you cannot serve both God and Money together. He is talking to those who serve God and it is not applicable to those who serve Money or this world. If God is our Master, then we are His servants.


A Commander gives order to the people under Him and not to others. Jesus is talking to those who accepted Him as their Lord and Master. If we still worry, that shows that we are not trusting Him fully and not obeying the command. That shows that we don’t belong to Him properly.

a. What are our worries?

  1. About our life- what we will eat or drink.
  2. About our body- what we will wear.

His question- Is not life more important than food? Who gave us life? If God is the one who gave us life, He is able to take care of our food also. Is not body more important than clothes? He who gave us a body is able to take care of our clothing also.

Lots of birds were flying around. He is telling them that they do not sow or reap..and asks them about who feeds them. Different birds need different food like grains, fruits, insects, fish, small animals..and God provides. He provides but they need to search for it.
There were lots of flowers around. ..God gives them their beauty and takes care of the plants.

If God takes care of insignificant birds or plants, how much more does He take care of those who trust in Him?

B. Meaninglessness of worry.

  1. Can’t add anything.

Who of you can add a single hour to his life? 6:27.

By worrying, we can’t add anything but by worrying, we can subtract. Many people get sick because of worry and die early.

  1. Worry is due to less faith.

“O you of little faith. 6:30.

Our anxiety level is an indicator of how much we really trust the Lord. Water and fire can’t co exist. One will destroy the other depending on which is more. If faith in God is strong, then there is no place for fear and worry.

C. Cure for anxiety

“But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Mt.6:33.

Those who do not know God spend time preoccupied with seeking food, drink and clothing. (Mt.6:32) They don’t believe in the Almighty God and so don’t have a Heavenly Father who takes care of them. Those who know God are to be preoccupied with God’s Kingdom and Gods righteousness. If our mind is occupied with God, then it can’t be occupied with things of this world.(Please read and study Mt.6:19-21 also.)

If we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, then His promise is that He will provide for us all what we need. This is conditional. If we are not seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, then there is enough reason for us to fear about our present and future.

Seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness?

  • Putting God first in every situation.
  • Doing the will of God regardless of what others may think or do.
  • Seek the things of God as a priority over the things of the world.
  • Spending my time, money, talents…to build His Kingdom and to glorify the King.

Who is our Master- God or Money? How strong is our faith in God?
Are we obeying God by not worrying?

Are we always seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness in our life?

What are the matters which we always think about ? What are the matters which we watch or read or discuss with others? Are they Godly matters or worldly matters?

Are we getting all our needs? If not, what could be the reason?

Rev.C.V. Abraham