The Unique Healing and Our Life Boat!!⛵

♾️ The Unique Healing ♾️

Jesus preached the Good News and He healed the sick. People with various diseases were healed. Each healing was different and unique. God heals in different ways. Sometimes the healing is instantaneous. At times the healing is after taking treatment. At times the healing is after prolonged illness. Ultimately healing is from God. Today we shall see the healing of a man who was in isolation.

📖 And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” (Mt 8:2).

Regarding his disease we need to have an idea about its background. In those days skin diseases were collectively termed as leprosy. The person inflicted with leprosy was unclean. He had to isolate himself and live in a separate camp outside the city. He had to cover his face and cry out ‘Unclean, Unclean’. In short he was an outcast.

Such an affected nameless person boldly approached Jesus for healing. The unnamed man would have been embarrassed of his skin disease. He knew that he was a social outcast. He was avoided by those near and far. The Bible doesn’t say how he heard of Jesus. But he came seeking the Lord. Perhaps the crowd would have been shocked to see him before Jesus. This man was healed as he:

♾️ Realized his condition
♾️ Approached Jesus for remedy
♾️ Worshipped Jesus
♾️ Acknowledged His Lordship
♾️ Prayed for His will

Jesus broke the barriers and touched him and healed him. He was cleansed immediately. It is normal for infected skin to be healed in due course of time. But when Jesus touched the healing was immediate and instantaneous.

Dear ones in Christ, whatever be your sickness remember that only God can heal you. It is His will to heal all disease. He is your healer. No disease is difficult for Him to heal. Come to Him for your healing. He is Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals. Why hesitate? Come to Him and be healed.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍
February 08, 2021

Our Life Boat!!⛵

Matthew 8:23-27
This passage is so familiar to all of us, from Sunday School days.

⛵Jesus was present in the boat with the disciples, when there was a storm ,they were afraid and woke up Jesus who rebuked the storm and it became calm.

Disciples and us

There is hardly any difference between us and them in our sail with Jesus in Our Lifeboat
⛵The disciples did not recognise the power of Jesus .We too fail to recognise the power of Jesus even when we know that He is sailing along with us in Our Lifeboat
⛵They were afraid of the circumstances around .We too become fearful of the circumstances around us.
⛵The storms and waves shook their faith.
The storms of difficulties and problems in our life too shakes our faith because we allow Jesus to sleep in our lives .
⛵Jesus was right there in their midst yet they had doubts and were in confusion.Same here inspite of having Jesus in our hearts, our life is still confused.
⛵When fear of death surrounded them they cried out and called out to Him.Jesus becomes our last resort when we fail everywhere we finally cry out to Him.
⛵They did not work out their faith ,Jesus named it Little Faith.We need to work out our faith and become stronger in it.
⛵Only when Jesus calmed the storm ,they realised ,recognised,acknowledged who He is.
We too acknowledge and praise Him and thank Him only when He does miracles in our life .
He has become the God of convenience in our Life Boat
We do not allow Him to sail our Life boat.

How long can we keep our God aside and just sail our Life boat without Him❓
How much more miracles He needs to perform in our lives so that we accept Him as our God and Saviour❓

May God open our eyes of understanding to know Who He is .

In prayers.🙏