Questions and Answers in Matthew : 14 – 18

Q. What happened to John the Baptist?
A. Matthew 14:10 = He was beheaded by order of Herod Antipas.

Q. Why?
A. Matthew 14:3โ€“8 = Herod Antipas’ new wife hated John for denouncing her illegal marriage to him. Opportunity came and she took revenge.
๐Ÿ‘‰It’s hard to face confrontation, especially when you are on the hot seat! The only way to endure it is in humility. Who cares how you feel! Embarrassed? Ashamed? Chock it up to experience and repent humbly before God for not repenting on your own in private and then cleaning up your mess. Just do it! God doesn’t love you any less. In fact, He disciplines every son He has!

Q. Do parents manipulate their children into doing wrong?
A. Matthew 14:8 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Don’t fall into this trap. Mothers and fathers can be overbearing. Learn to say no to their wrong demands. Be accountable to God directly. He is a perfect Father! Hallelujah!

Q. Did people seek Jesus out?
A. Matthew 14:13โ€“14 = Yes. They brought their sick to Him and He was compassionate to everybody.

Q. Does God need our money?
A. Matthew 14:15โ€“21 = No.

Q. How can we stretch our dollars?
A. Matthew 14:15โ€“21 = With every penny you spend for good, ask God to bless it; increase it. When you sit down to do your budget, ask God to bless your available cash. God will meet your needs. Money is just one visible reminder that God really supplies all your needs.

Q. Did Jesus finally have some time alone?
A. Matthew 14:23 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Sometimes you want the right thing, but God sets the right time for it. Even Jesus wanted to be alone, but God had other things for Him to do first. What is happening in your life now? Do it as if it were your dream or desire come true. Everything God puts before us is our mission. Someone in it may be ripe for the Kingdom of God. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added to you.” (Philippians). God’s righteousness wants to blossom in your life this very minute. Won’t you let it?

Q. Should I make time to pray alone?
A. Matthew 14:23 = Yes! And use the Lord’s Prayer to help guide you in how to pray.

Q. Does Jesus watch out for us when we panic?
A. Matthew 14:24โ€“26 = Yes! It’s hard to grasp that this Holy God is always watching out for us and pulling us out of the fires we sometimes even set for ourselves, but He really does. God watches out for His own!

Q. What should I remember in a panic situation?
A. Matthew 14:27 = To quote Jesus, “It’s all rightโ€ฆ I am here! Don’t be afraid.”
๐Ÿ‘‰ I discovered that fear is the root of miscommunication, especially in families. It comes out as harsh words. Increase your understanding now:
Situation : Fear of a new situation and being clueless as to how to deal with it; and you must!
Reaction : Panic; calling “other relatives and complaining bitterly about a key person involved in it. Fear caused by self-imposed expectations.
Other Relative : Hears panicker’s abusive words and comes to the defense of this key person. Conflict results between Other Relative and you.
Other Relative: Reads between the lines and discerns that panic is present and listens for the root of the problem, which is how to handle the new situation. Other Relative suggests to you some good words to say to Key Person. Panic subsides.
You fear getting hurt again. Ceding to your fears causes more fear and damage, then experiencing more hurt. Solution:
1) Determine not to take offense.
2) Get it into your head that rarely does anybody set out to hurt anyone else. This positive attitude will help you not take offense and to discern the fear behind any panic or harsh words thrown at you. You can actually counsel now and be a peacemaker!

Q. Does God mind if we ask for confirmation of His will in a given situation?
A. Matthew 14:28โ€“29 = No. Especially if you want God to be in your new situation.

Q. How should I go about asking?
A. Matthew 14:29 = Keep focused on the coming answer. Don’t get distracted by the world; its natural disasters or threat of death.

Q. Why did Peter begin sinking into the deep?
A. Matthew 14:30 = He took his eyes off Jesus.

Q. Why?
A. Matthew 14:30 = The world crowded Jesus out.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Jesus won’t hush the world for us, so focus! Imagine what we could accomplish with eyes that don’t wander away from the everโ€“present glory of God!

Q. What happened with Peter was in trouble?
A. Matthew 14:30 = Peter shouted, “Save me, Lord!”
๐Ÿ‘‰Remember who saves you! In a panic, ask God to save you!

Q. How quickly did Jesus respond to Peter’s cry for help?
A. Matthew 14:31 = Instantly!

Q. What was Peter’s experience a symbol of to us?
A. Matthew 14:31 = Focusing on Jesus is an exercise in faith. Eyes off Jesus is a show of little faith.
๐Ÿ‘‰The Christian life is one to be lived by faith. We look like fools to the world because we have our eyes fixed on the Invisible Creater and Father of all, which unbelievers close by you cannot see. When a Christian panics, other believers must help him put his eyes back on Jesus. When a Christian sins, he has forgotten faith and even mocks his brothers and sisters in Christ because they look silly and brainwashed to him, now that his eyes are directed downward.
Here’s a diologue to demonstrate this:
Believer: His eyes are on Magnificent God and Father. He smiles wonderingly at God as he goes about his day.
Unbeliever says, “You know, you look like a fool when you do that.”
Believer responds, “Yeah, I know,” smiing and continuing to smile up at God, who is smiling back down on him.
Unbeliever says, “Aren’t you embarrassed?”
Believer looks at his heavenly Father, his Jesus contently and says, “No, I’m proud of my Father, His Son and the Holy Ghost. They gave everything for mankind. Do you want to see God too?”

Q. What causes doubt?
A. Matthew 14:31โ€“32 = Lack of faith in God’s power to work when the world physically crashes in on me.

Q. Is doubt a choice?
A. Matthew 14:31 = Yes. Doubt is the opposite of faith. Faith is also a choice. Choose faith and doubt disappears. Faith is focusing on God always; letting the storm come and slap you around, and not losing yourself in anything but God. So lose yourself in God; think on all He is, how He permeates everything in your life and in Creation. Let the storms come and remain lost only in God.

Q. When did the fierce wind on the sea stop?
A. Matthew 14:32 = After Peter and Jesus got back into the boat.

Q. So while Peter had to consider his meager faith, the wind was howling?
A. Matthew 14:32 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰There is a lesson here! When we are facing panic or tribulation or any subtler event, God will ask us to have faith in Him. He speaks louder when we are panicking. Hopefully, we regain trusting God about it while still in the event, because with that trust comes a God’s eye view of it. We can now see God working all things for good, which increases our faith! God, indeed, is the Blessed Controller of all things!

Q. What happened as a result of this event?
A. Matthew 14:33 = The disciples worshiped Jesus.

Q. What is key to physical healing of the sick?
A. Matthew 14:36 = The sick people had tremendous faith in Jesus to heal them.
๐Ÿ‘‰ prayed for someone’s healing, it would last on my faith. But God wants all of us to exercise our own wills for our own good. To watch a healing increases faith, but sometimes dout creeps in and questions emerge (from hell?) as to the genuineness of the event. Such is my background. Here are some classic doubts that creep up after a healing:
1) Hath the doctors really said?
2) It must have been a misdiagnosis
3) Then why do people still die?
4) You imagined your sickness.
How about receiving healing prayer and having your retina reattach? But then one or all of the classic doubts come to mind and you decide God was not in it at all, and your retina detaches again? Receive healing, then let it go. If you receive prayer for healing, thank God for His willingness to do itโ€”until you are dead! Instead of dwelling on the classic doubts, dwell on the classic principles:
1) God answers prayer
2) God meets needs
3) God loves me
4) Ask and you shall receive.

Q. Did people, even nonbelievers apply these principles with Jesus?
A. Matthew 14:34 = Yes. People brought their sick to Jesus for healing; the sick beggged the disciples to let them touch even the fringe of His robe and all who did were healed.

Q. Waht did religious leaders miss about Jesus’ ministry? A. Matthew 15:1โ€“2 = Everything that was wholesome; His teachings of love and healing.

Q. What didn’t the religious leaders miss?
A. Matthew 15:1โ€“2 = Jesus’ lack of respect for religious traditions outside of God’s Word.

Q. How?
A. Matthew 15:
1) They taught dishonoring parents
2) They replaced God’s Word with their own.

Q. Can worship be a farce?
A. Matthew 15:9 = Yes. People’s hearts can be far away from God, thus worship becomes a farce.

Q. Can words honoring God be a farce?
A. Matthew 15:8 = Yes. Worship combined with manโ€“made teachings is a farce.

Q. How can I understand these teachings?
A. Matthew 15:10 = I listen and determine to understand what Jesus is teaching. This is a choice.

Q. What defiles a man?
A. Matthew 15:11 = What I say and do determines if I sin or not.

Q. It’s that simple?
A. Matthew 15:11 = Yes!
๐Ÿ‘‰Learn God’s Word well. It is filled with what to do and say that pleases God. It is the Ultimate human manual and will insure that what you do and say will be pleasing to Goid. Garbage in, garbage out. Glory in, glory out!

Q. What if I correct someone’s wrong thinking about God and they take offense?
A. Matthew 15:13โ€“14 = Ignore it.
๐Ÿ‘‰: When one takes offense at God’s Words, there is no getting through until he repents. Don’t feel like you have to spend any time in discussion of it, especially with bold unbelievers who are set in their ways. Jesus love them. In the end, all that is left is love. They will respond to God or else they won’t respond to God.

Q. What kind of follows do false teachers have?
A. Matthew 15:14 = Blind ones. Willing blindness!

Q. Waht’s wrong with pursuing evil things?
A. Matthew 15:18โ€“20 = Evil things corrupt the heart, then proceed to affect my words. Saying evil words defile me!
๐Ÿ‘‰ When you are basking in God’s Word, it isn’t hard to spot folks basking in the world. Even under one’s own roof! Don’t worry that it’s going to take five years to comb thoroughly through the Bible. Be afraid of what might happen to you if you don’t! Knowing God will drastically change your life for good! Throw open the sash (the Word), let the floodlights blaze forth and radically change you forever!

Q. What made the Gentile woman’s faith great?
A. Matthew 15:23 = She kept asking her request, even though Jesus said no. She wasn’t intimidated by the negative response to her from the disciples; she went directly to the Master.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Do you want something good to happen? Is it a pure request? Then ask God for it until it happens. Don’t let the passing of time affect your faith. Refuse to be discouraged; confidently approach the throne of God with your request, until it is answered. I got to this point when asking God for a child, that each time I asked again, it became a moment of discouragement, so I stopped asking. To have let discouragement in was my own sin. I will ask for a child until my dying day. If the Bible instructs me to ask confidently, then that is what I will do. No doubting allowed; no secondโ€“guessing God; just asking. In the meantime, I ask for other things too, on my behaf and on the behalf of others. I think that we shoun’d obsess on an answer, but ask for the desire of our hearts, while involved in the mission and ministry God has for us, and leave it at that. Never be ashamed or feel foolish to continue to ask for your heart’s desire. Bask in God’s love for you as you live out your purpose on earth. And ask!
๐Ÿ‘‰ God isn’t playing “lack of faith” games with us. He is trying to teach us about our attitudes. Pressing forward and being consistent is key here.

Q. What was Jesus’ mission?
A. Matthew 15:24 = To help God’s lost sheep.

Q. You mean the Jacob/Israelites?
A. Matthew 15:24 = Yes.

Q. How did the next healing session turn out?
A. Matthew 15:31 = The people praised the God of Israel.

Q. How did these healing sessions commence?
A. Matthew 15:29โ€“30 = News traveled fast that Jesus was in town and crowds showed up.

Q. What crowds did Jesus feed miraculously?
A. Matthew 14:21 = Five thousand plus women and children

Q. What were the obvious signs of the times Jesus mentioned that the Pharisees and Saducees didn’t recognize?
A. Matthew 16:3 = This passage mentions the obvious signs. Earlier in Matthew 11:2โ€“6 = The passages of Scripture Jesus gave to John the Baptist’s disciples; miracles happening and the Good News being preached to the poor.

Q. Who reveals Jesus to people?
A. Matthew 16:17 = God the Father does.

Q. Don’t people tell folks about Christ?
A. Matthew 16:17 = We tell, but the only ones who hear are those God reveals Himself to.
๐Ÿ‘‰Be ready to share Christ with anyone God brings to you. God is revealing Christ to folks every day. If you are prepared, He’ll bring folks to you so that you can show them how to proceed. Isn’t that exciting?

Q. In the battle between good and evil, how can I be sure good is more powerful than evil?
A. Matthew Matthew 16:18 = Jesus introduced and built the church, and promised us that all the powers of Hell will not conquer it.

Q. Does the church have power in spiritual places?
A. Matthew Matthew 16:19 = Yes. We have the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and can lock or loosen whatever is in it with those keys.

Q. Does this include things of both Heaven and Hell?
A. Matthew 16:19 = Yes. On earth and in heaven. The powers of Hell work on earth.
๐Ÿ‘‰ This pertains to locking up bad stuff and loosing the good stuff. If I bind an evil spirit, say, the spirit of deceit, we also always loose its opposite, which is in the form of a blessing. For after binding deceit, we loose honesty from heaven. Bind the spirit of deceit; loose honesty. Bind a lying spirit, loose truth. We loosen good things from the treasure storehouses of Heaven, which never run in short supply!

Q. Did Jesus confirm Himself to Simon when he declared Jesus’ true identity?
A. Matthew 16:20 = Yes.

Q. What is God’s point of view?
A. Matthew 16:23 = We all must give up our ambitions and follow Jesus completely if we are to find real life. We need to know that nothing is worth more than our souls. Our deeds are very important to God.

Q. Did Jesus have eye witnesses see Him come into His Kingdom?
A. Matthew 16:28 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰Resurrection Day!

Q. It’s hard for me to grasp what God is like. Is He really three persons in one?
A. Matthew 17:1โ€“5 = Yes. In this passage, Jesus takes three disciples with Him and they witness:
1) His body change into eternal form
2) Moses and Elijah’s sudden appearance and conversation with Jesus
3) Father God acknowledging Jesus, His Son
4) Father’s ordering them to listen to His Son.
๐Ÿ‘‰we can’t wait to see God! To know what Father, Son and Holy Spirit are like face to face, and to be with God forever!

Q. How did the disciples react to the heavenly sight? A. Matthew 17:4 = Peter was dazzled by the glory and wanted to copy Abraham, who built God an altar on the place he saw God.

Q. What did God think of that?
A. Matthew 17:5 = He wasn’t impressed, but rather ordered the disciples to listen to Jesus.
๐Ÿ‘‰In the church, we have sometimes more leaders than followers; more masters than servants. We have innovation bursting out from the youth and old men are bold to pursue their hearts’ desires in ministry. I pray that all generations of believers would listen to Jesus in all they do. All believers should dig into the meat of the Word because that is God’s perfect way to fall in love with Jesus.
Note 2: I have a long history (30 years) of digging inGod’s Word. I wanted to know God better. And I realize that it takes more than a lifetime to grasp it all. It used to overwhelm me, but not anymore. To date, I have an inkling of who God is, a reverence for God’s wisdom (so different than my own). The more I do things God’s way, the more I stand alone. I’m tired of sin messing things up, of the terrible consequences of idolatry in the world, of spiritual warfare that touches my life; of remembering too late that a particular conflict was in fact spiritual warfare; of forgettintg to apply God’s Word at all times. I must be aging! My life must be half over by now. Tapping into God’s mind is a wonderful hobby! Especially because He loves us so much! God, keep me from blurting out my ideas. Yours are so much better!

Q. When the spirit world meshes with our physical world, what can happen?
A. Matthew 17:5โ€“6 = It can terrify us! The voice of God was almost too big for the disciples to take.

Q. And Peter, James and John heard God’s voice?
A. Matthew 17:5โ€“6 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰ In just the last chapter, Jesus told the disciples about the plan for His terrible death. Peter would fight it to the end, defending the Messiah. But Jesus told him of the bigger plan; of all believers’ need to sacrifice their lives for God. And then Jesus showed Peter eternity where no one is dead, but in transformed bodies, living forever with a purpose. God Almighty had a plan, which involved a sacrifice of His power to save
Himself. He laid Himself down. His blood did what we could not; what animals’ blood could not. He saved us once for all. Tranformation is coming. Physicalness is passing away for each of us. Only spirit world will be left. The way to Heaven’s gate is through Jesus’ blood. The way to Hell’s gate is through rejecting that blood. There is no in between. Accept it. Live a life sacrificed to God’s particular mission for you. It is your only real chance for happiness in this life and will save you from the fires of Hell.

Q. I’ve seen the spirit world and it was terrifying for me to behold. Should I be afraid of it?
A. Matthew 17:7 = No. Jesus has a purpose for revealing it to you. Allow it to increase your faith and your passion for the things of God!

Q. Who mistreated John the Baptist and Jesus as well?
A. Matthew 17:10โ€“13 = The Jewish teachers of religious law; the Levites, descendants of Aaron.

Q. Who imprisoned John the Baptist?
A. Mark 6:17 = John boldly told the king that he was illegally married. He spoke from the Law, though Herod wasn’t Jewish. The Law works well for everyone!

Q. What often comes with a lack of faith?
A. Matthew 17:17 = Stubbornness.
๐Ÿ‘‰ The Holy Spirit hadn’t come on the disciples yet. They saw Jesus work miracles, but what was this stubbornness Jesus mentioned? It was their lack of belief constantly creeping back into their ministry; their rationalization about the act of performing a healing, of being asked by God for such a great thing. When we lack focus, doubt creeps in. So what is the proper perspective about healing miracles of prayer?
1) God anticipates our prayers for miracles
2) God is intimately involved in every life
3) God brings people who need a miracle to believers who stand prepared to do with just a moment’s notice.
4) We need to stay focused on Jesus, pray at all times and still do our days’ agendas
5) We need to thank God after praying, for what He will do next
6) We need to show others how to pray for themselves
7) We need to be chewing on the Word of God to keep our faith and relationship with God growing.

Q. Is our lack of faith in God for miracles tiring to Jesus? A. Matthew 17:17 = Yes!

Q. How easy does the earth shift at our request?
A. Matthew 17:20 = It’s very pliable and obeys our commands in Jesus’ powerful name.

Q. What also is evidence of a lack of faith?
A. Matthew 17:21 (King James Version of the Bible) = Lack of prayer and fasting!
๐Ÿ‘‰ How badly do you want to see a miracle happen in your prodigal child? in your career? in a bout of cancer? First and foremost, fast and pray until something happens. Can you remember to fast and pray for forty days? Maybe this factoid will help you: It takes forty days to exterminate an area of flies. Beelzebub, Satan himself, means “lord of the flies.” Exterminate this large fly by prayer and fasting. If possible, get others to pray with you these forty days. Be fervent in your prayers!

Q. Did Jesus forewarn the disciples about His betrayal and death?
A. Matthew 17:22โ€“23 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰Jesus knows all who would betray Him. He also turns all intended evil for good!

Q. Who is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
A. Matthew 18:4 = Those who
1) become like little children
2) turn from their sins
3) welcome a little child in Jesus’ name.

Q. What is the worst kind of sin?
A. Matthew 18:6 = One which causes a little child who trust in Jesus to lose faith.
๐Ÿ‘‰ A mistreated child has a hard time as an adult. He needs to trust adults as a child; then later, he can trust in God. When his trust is broken at the hands of evil people, he has a hard time trusting in Jesus and tends to stumble a lot, copying the bad behavior of those who badly mentored him. I don’t care what your past was like; determine to obey God about your own behavior now. There is no excuse. God can and will heal you and turn your past into dust. Ask Him to heal you now and begin a joyful present today!

Q. What also is an evil behavior?
A. Matthew 18:7 = Causing anyone to sin.
๐Ÿ‘‰ How can I cause anyone to sin?
1) Teaching skills in order to steal
2) Being a bad friend; initiating conversation that is complaining or self-centered; both behaviors infuriate a person or they join in your sin.
3) Offering an alcoholic a drink
4) Picking a fight
5) Minimalizing God’s Word to someone else so that he learns that it isn’t important.
6) Peer pressure tactics
7) Ignoring a poor brother so that he loses faith in God
8) Participating in another’s sin
9) Provoking anyone to anger by my disrespectful behavior.
10) (You can add your own thoughts on the worst sins here!)

Q. Will I ever reach a place of not being tempted?
A. Matthew 18:7 = No. Not in this life!

Q. How do I deal with temptation?
A. Matthew 18:8โ€“9 = Run in the opposite direction when you see it coming!

Q. Do we know what temptations look like?
A. Matthew 18:8โ€“9 = Yes. Evil things to look at; to touch or handle (if it is not listed in the Ten Commandments, it is written in the heart).

Q. But what about unlovable children?
A. Matthew 18:10 = Be careful never to despise any child. Anyone! We love our enemies instead. Bless them!

Q. Give me a good reason.
A. Matthew 18:10 = In Heaven, their angels are always in the presence of their heavenly Father.

Q. Is God’s plan to save all of mankind? A. Matthew 18:11 = Yes. God knows we are all lost without Him. But to have this knowledge and hide it with cruelty of any sort (abusive behavioor), so that I cause someone to run from the good things God has for us, just needs to stop.
๐Ÿ‘‰ In order to stop reckless behavior, you need a strong resolution. God gives us the right motivation to stop doing evil and do good instead. Remember that:
1) There is reward for doing goodโ€”and terrible punishment for doing evil.
2) Work WITH the Creator of all things.
3) Focusโ€”Keep your eyes up and soar with eagles in your perspective of this life.
4) Keep the cares of this world proportionate to this earth.
5) Stop obsessing on problems
6) Stop obsessing on the past.
7) Let all your passion be for God.
8) Go forward as a servant of God, ready for God adventures from now to eternity.
๐Ÿ‘‰Is there someone in your present who is hard to pray passionately for?
Perhaps he shares experiences with you which are not so godly? Or he is a family member familiar with your nowโ€“repented of history? These kinds of folks are the hardest for me to pray for. Now that we realize this (and thank you, God, for pointing this out to me), we have decided to pray and fast for one person in my life at a time for a period of forty days. I’m on day three for one person. As we pray, our hope for this person is increasing, things about him have been revealed in the wildest of circumstances. God is showing us how to pray for him! Only God can reveal Himself to a person, and we will trust Him do His part. But we really see God wanting me to move on his behalf.

๐Ÿ‘‰ What will you partner with God for in prayer? There are eight forty day periods per year. That’s eight opportunities to shake up:
1) your city
2) your friends
3) your family
4) your nation
5) the mission field
6) your own life
7) international affairs
8) the hearts of embassadors
9) the church itself
10) your neighbors
11) your local hospital
12) a disease that needs a cure
13) famine in a specific place
14) an insane assylum
15) an AA meeting
16) criminal activity close by or far away.
The opportunities to pray and fast are endless.

Q. Is there a verse missing in my Bible? I don’t have Matthew 18:11.
A. Matthew This verse is found only in the King James Version but is not contradictory to the Scriptures in any way. We love this verse, as it sums up why we should love everyone. God came to save all of mankind.

Q. So we shouldn’t cause someone to run from God. What should I do instead?
A. Matthew 18:12 = If a brother wanders away from God, help him return.

Q. Where do lost sheep go? A. Matthew 18:12 = They wander in the hills.
๐Ÿ‘‰: Wow, I loved living in the beautiful hills, but I found myself wafe in the city. I found myself amongst wandering sheep in those hills. One family cannot take them all on! Hills provide a natural cloak for criminals to hide, for wayward Christians to distance themselves from the fellowship of believers; even a place for pastors to isolate themselves from other pastors and render themselves unaccountable to anone. It is a wild place where the rules of life are shunned and one can have one’s own way, at least with mankind. If you grew up in the hills, you will have a time adjusting to the city. But the city offers a disciplined life for the believer. God likes cities. Jerusalem, set on a hill, is in a city. Believers in Old Testament times and New go there every year to refocus. Save the hills for retreats from city life from work and routine to shake things up a little. Then go back to the city refreshed and ready to serve God again.

Q. Does God care more for lost sheep who return than those who don’t think to wander off?
A. Matthew 18:13 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Repentance. Who cares where you’ve been? God doesn’t. He cares only that you repent and return. When we are motivated to do right and return on our own free will, God knows we’ve tasted evil and found it repugnant. We know God is best and He didn’t have to drag us back. Do you know that when we pray for a lost person, it affects his thinking, brings truth to light so that he can consider God clearly?

Q. Why wouldn’t God be as excited about people that are always obedient?
A. Never having tasted temptation, they are untested. All believers are tested and proven, by purifying fire. More than one believer is affected by trial:
1) The one going through it
2) The one who handles that person, right or wrong
3) All those watching, both believers and non-believers.
Believers watching learn well by watching others go through trial. Unbelievers see God in our right actins and seee only fools and run from God in our wrong actions.

Q. God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell, does He?
A. Matthew 18:14 = No. (Even so, it is a matter of our choice to be with God).

Q. How should I handle trouble with my Christian brother?
A. Matthew 18:15 =I should go to him ad tell him he has sinned against me.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Not that I am offended by him. There is a difference! So how does brother sin against his brother? Think of the Ten Commandments. We have all kinds of ways to sin, but these are the big ones:
Stealing, coveting, dishonoring him or parents, bearing false testimony (gossiping) about him.

Q. What if he doesn’t listen when I tell him?
A. Matthew 18:16 = Go back to him with witnesses and try again. The witnesses will confirm the problem you have with him.

Q. And if he still doesn’t listen?
A. Matthew 18:17 = Take it to the church. They will decide who is right. If they determine that you are right in your case, you need to stop close fellowship with him.
๐Ÿ‘‰Place him on the outside of your inner circle of friends.

Q. Why is it important to draw that distinctive line in relationships?
A. Matthew 18:18 = This will affect your spiritual and physical walk with God.
๐Ÿ‘‰ I don’t know why we have such a hard time withdrawing from a sinning brother. I do know that my walk with God is so precious to God that He doesn’t want me to suffer needlessly by clouding that walk in any way.
Monitor your friendships and make good decisions about them. When you withdraw from that sinning brother, that means you put him in a different place in your relationship, outside your inner circle.
The most you can be for him now is a shepherd. Try to win him back, but stop sharing too much with him. He won’t be a good advisor for you right now anyway, since his judgment is clouded.
Keep your testimony clean; whether he listens or not, he sees clearly the testimony! As an added plus, for future reference, he will learn how to handle his brother God’s way too!

Q. Does God answer prayer? A. Matthew 18:19 = Yes. Prayer is stronger with more people praying about the same things.
๐Ÿ‘‰ When you ask someone to help you pray, ask him to agree with you about the request. It reminds you to keep prayhing and brings a natural accountability to you to keep praying.It is also a show of faith. I am grateful to have fgriends to pray with me for all things. I anticipate the answers more!

Q. How does prayer get answered?
A. Matthew 18:19 = God does the work the answer requires Himself.
๐Ÿ‘‰I had a wayward teen living with me for several months. He was looking for trouble, and if you know teens, they can be very sneaky. My husband and I prayed for him; My husbnad did morning bible study with him, which surprisingly, was at the teen’s request. Even so, the teen was drawn to drugs and trouble. God did amazing things for this teen. Years later, he told us how God started dragging him away from trouble and kept it up for years. WE can’t keep up with teens, but God is faster than they are!

Q. How does God get our prayers?
A. Matthew 18:20 = When we pray, He comes amongst us.
๐Ÿ‘‰: Fathom that!

Q. What if I have a friend (in my outer circle) who keeps sinning against me?
A. Matthew 18:21โ€“22 = You can’t stop the sinning another does, but you can forgive him always.

Q. What does Jesus compare perpetual forgiveness to?
A. Matthew 18:23 = A sympathetic king who forgives phenomenal debt because the debtor begs for mercy.
๐Ÿ‘‰If all my sins were written down and had to be paid for, I couldn’t make that much money in my lifetime. Yet sin has to be redeemed. God cancelled my debt without considering each sin, big or small.

Q. What is a huge sin?
A. Matthew 18:28โ€“30 = Having experienced the forgiveness of God and turning to my brother and showing no mercy or forgiveness toward him for so much less.
Note 1: This errant behavior in a person makes me so mad! God shows us so much mercy every day and I love the opportunity to forgive! But when someone I forgive is mean to another owing so much less, I don’t want to be merciful with that person again. In this, I can see God’s point of view!
๐Ÿ‘‰ God expects us to copy His behavior. He sets such a marvelous example for us to follow!

Q. Where does forgiveness begin?
A. Matthew 18:35 = In the heart.
๐Ÿ‘‰ If you forgive someone, but cannot get the wrong out of your head, keep declaring your forgiveness to the heavenlies. Satan is a busy beast! He’ll remind you of the wrong you have forgiven and moved past. You declare that forgiveness you declared to Hell!
๐Ÿ‘‰Nothing is so offensive, no wrong so big that it is greater than God’s gift of forgiveness in Jesus’ suffering and death to purchase our forgiveness.

โœ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฅMrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ’ฅโœ๏ธ