Questions and Answers in Matthew 22 – 24

Q. Why was the Kingdom of God expanded to the four corners of the earth?
A. Matthew 22:8 = Because the Jews weren’t worthy of the honor of the Kingdom.

Q. Why not?
A. Matthew 22:3 =
1) Outright refusing Jesus
2) Ignoring Jesus
3) Counting their careers as more important than even a thought of Jesus
4) Causing harm to the prophets, even killing some of them.

Q. Did Jesus talk of fake believers?
A. Matthew 22:10–14 = Yes. He knows who they are and will also identify them and deal with them Himself one day.

Q. What did Jesus mean when He spoke of a man at the wedding not wearing the proper wedding clothes?
A. Matthew 22:10–14 = Whenever you think that God is unfair, consider this truth: God is always perfect in fairness. To approach God means we do what He says to get there. Jesus is the only way to God. Refusing Him and trying to be part of His plan is not going to happen. It takes a stubborn, rebellious hear to try to near God in disobedience to that unchangeable fact.

Q. So if I’m mean and rotten through and through and my neighbor is upright and good through and through, we will both get Hell, just for refusing Jesus’ blood shed for us?
A. Matthew 22:10–14 = Yes.

Q. Should we teach God’s Word, regardless of the consequences?
A. Matthew 22:16 = Yes. Jesus did!
Note: In love, we speak the truth. If it is received badly, God will see to our safety. God will see that His Word bears good fruit too!

Q. Who were the Jewish sect of the Saducees?
A. Matthew 22:23 =
A sect that didn’t believe in resurrection after death (that’s why they were so sad–you see!). They didn’t believe in heaven.

Q. When people challenge bible scholars to try to push their human opinions, what is the root of the problem?
A. Matthew 22:23–29 =
1) They don’t know the Scriptures
2) They don’t know the power of God.

👉To know the Word first, to chew on it increases faith as to see God’s intevening power throughout its pages. Today, learn the Word, wield the power of God in your hands, and us it for good!

Q. What is the problem with the question, “Is there life after death?”
A. Matthew 22:32 = There is no real death; only eternal life.
Q. How?
A. Matthew 22:32 = God is the Lord of the living only.

Q. What is the most important commandment in the bible?
A. Matthew 22:36–37 = Love God and neighbor with all we have; heart, soul and mind.

Q. Why is this most important?
A. Matthew 22:40 = All other biblical truths are based on this command.
👉Can the entire Word of God have its base in the fact that God loves us and wants to be with us?
Yes. The Law and the rituals before Jesus came and made it possible for God to be near us. Back then, if we did our part, God would do His. The result was relationship. Then comes a new plan. The Law became obsolete when Jesus accomplished His part. We now have easy access to God, no Laws and rituals are necessary. Only love is. It’s always been about love.

Q. Did the Pharisees admit to Jesus’ heritage as a son of David?
A. Matthew 22:41–42 = Yes.

Q. How is Jesus Lord and Son of David at the same time?
A. Matthew 22:45 = When Jesus is both God and human in David’s ancestral line.

Q. So Jesus is both human and Messiah?
A. Matthew 22:41 = Yes.

Q. When Old Testament writers spoke obvious God quotes, how did they get those Words?
A. Matthew 22:43 =They spoke under the inspiration of the Hoy Spirit.
Q. Waht were the duties of the teachers of religious law and Pharisees?

A. Matthew 23:2 = They were the official interpreters of the Old Testament Scriptures.

Q. Did the people benefit from their teachings of the Word?
A. Matthew 23:3 = Yes.

Q. Did they teach accurately?
A. Matthew 23:3 = Yes.

Q. Did they practice what they preached?
A. Matthew 23:3 = No.

Q. Did they ask impossible religious demands of the people?
A. Matthew 23:4 = Yes.

Q. Did the people buy it?
A. Matthew 23:4 = Yes. And they were crushed under those demands.

Q. Did they ever realize that those demands were too heavy for the people?
A. Matthew 23:4 = Yes, yet they never let up in them and watched the people suffer under them.

Q. Did Jesus see them for what they were?
A. Matthew 23:5 = Yes.

Q. How?
A. Matthew 23:5 = 1) Everything they did was for show
2) They even overdressed in public
3) They milked their prestige at places of honor at banquets and in the synagogues
4) They loved being called “Rabbi”.

Q. Is it okay to be called Rabbi, Father or Master?
A. Matthew 23:8–10 = No. Only God is teacher (i.e., rabbi). The rest of us are brothers and sisters.
👉Remember, only God can teach the words of the Bible into existence in our hearts. He interprets and gives us understanding, and He doesn’t impose impossible religious demands on His beloved!

👉Have you purchased a marbled notebook yet to aid in studying the Scriptures?
God will teach you His Word. Be faithful and let Him teach you at His own perfect pace for you.

Q. Waht does it take to get through serious trials?
A. Matthew 23:12 = Humility.
👉 That means letting God take care of it, setting aside my familiar (humanistic) ways of handling trials, and trusting God to work them out. I listen for His instructions and watch Him
(in anticipation) turn each trial for good.

Q. What are the sins of false teachers and Pharisees?
A. Matthew 23:12–39 =
1) They are very impressed with their own wisdom and place in the church or synagogue
2) = They reject God and knowing exactly who they reject, keep honest God–seekers from attaining that knowledge
3)= They take advantage of widows and pray long prayers that are insincere
4) = They make converts and teach them to follow them instead of God
5) = They make up religious laws
6) = They are blind fools
7) = They think money donated to church/synagogue is more imortant than the people.
8) = They don’t know that the money being donated to God makes it holy.
👉Pray over your offering. God will do the multiplying of it!
9) = They teach that the altar of God is not too important
10) = They think swearing by something sacred like a gift on the altar is acceptable, when swearing is actually a huge and serious oath, containing everything around that gift ( God doesn’t want us swearing an oath, ever. Let your yes be yes and your no be no )
11) = They think tithing excuses the from godly behavior like being fair, merciful and faithful.
12) = They are blind guides
13) = They are extremely analytical in minor things while committing huge sins
👉 Paying too much attention to unimportant low priority things while entertaining obvious sins
14) = They are concerned only with impressing man in clothing and prestige while ignoring sins of greed and self–indulgence
👉Clean up your thoughts and the outside impression will follow; not the other way around. Remember the world and your brothers can see through your facade
15) = They crush peoples’ spirits
16) = They are filled with all kinds of impurity
17) = They keep up appearances while their hearts know only hypocrisy and lawlessness
👉 They don’t know the Word
18) = They celebrate the lives of good and godly folks now dead, claiming they wouldn’t have helped kill them, yet that is a huge lie
19) = They kill righteous believers violently.

Q. Did Jesus predict how the believers would die in that very century?
A. Matthew 23:34 = Yes.

Q. When one commits murder of a believer, how is that different than killing a nonbeliever?
A. Matthew 23:34–35 = The murderer would carry the guilt for all other martyrs killed along with the one murder he committed.

Q. What unique thing came out of this first century after Jesus?
A. Matthew 23:36 = All the accumulated judgment of the centuries broke on the heads of Jesus’ generation.
👉Jesus’ death: He carried all the waiting judgment of the past, present and future that Passover evening.

Q. What was so tragic about Jerusalem in those days?
A. Matthew 23:37 = The Israelites were God’s people, yet they rejected God again and again.

Q. What resulted?
A. Matthew 23:38 = God left the Temple.

Q. Permanently?
A. Matthew 23:39 = No. One day, Jacob/Israel will know Jesus and bless Him.

Q. Did the disciples grasp the fact that the Temple would be laid empty?
A. Matthew 24:1 = No.

Q. What would happen to the Temple?
A. Matthew 24:2 = It would be laid flat; demolished completely.
Note: It happened in 60 A.D.

Q. What would happen between Jesus’ time on earth and the end of the world?
A. Matthew 24:4–6 = 1) = False messiahs will lead many astray
2) = Wars would come
3) = Famines and earthquakes would come to all the world
4) = This time marked the beginning of the end
5) = Persecution for believers: arrests and murders
6) = Personal betrayals will happen
7) = God forsakes
8) = False prophets
9) = Rampant, growing sin would be everywhere
10)= People will forget how to love
11) = Believers will endure to the end
12)= Worldwide evangelism will occur
13) = The end times in Daniel 9,11,12
14) = Sacrilegious object would be placed in the Holy Place
15) = Which is a signal for all believers to flee and hide in the hills posthaste. Terrible persecution comes immediately after
16) = The calamity is shortened by God for the believers sake
17)= More false messiahs will come
18) = The light of the skies and stars will go out, stars will fall to the ground
19) = The powers of heaven will shake
20) = Jesus appears in the heavens
21) = Unbelieving nations will mourn about their unblief at the sight of Jesus on the clouds of heaven wielding great power and great glory
22) = Jesus will order His angels to gather His chosen ones from the four corners of the earth and heaven too
(i.e., the Rapture)

Q. Should I anticipate Jesus’ return?
A. Matthew 24:32 = Yes. Look for the signs.

Q. How important is God’s Word?
A. Matthew 24:35 = It stands forever, while creation will die

👉If you needed a good reason to learn God’s Word well, here it is. It will go with you to heaven!

Q. Can we predict when all those events listed above will happen?
A. Matthew 24:36 = No.

Q. Did Jesus explain these events in more detail later in the chapter?
A. Matthew 24:30–51 = Yes. They are all called “The Ciming of the Son of Man”.
👉Thus far, we read about
1) Natural phenomenons
2) False prophets, false teachers and false messiahs
3) People growing wild and cold because they’ll forget how to love
4) Worldwide evangelism
5) Sacrilegious object placed inthe Holy Place
6) Believers running for their lives
7) This time ends because God is merciful
(possibly shortened by the Rapture?)
8) More false messiahs
9) The end of the stars, sun and moon
10) The powers of heaven are shaken
11) Jesus appears in the heavens, lighting up the planet
12) Causing the unblieving nations to mourn their fate
13) The angels will gather believers on the earth
(end of this teaching in Matthew).

Q. What is the wrong way to live?
A. Matthew 24:48 =
1) Treating people badly
2) Drinking and partying life away and then surprised at Jesus’ return.

Q. And the right way to live? A. Matthew 24:45–46 =
1) Faithfully
2) Sensibly
3) Living and working rightly for God
4) Knowing Jesus’ return is any time
👉Live knowing Jesus is with you every minute.

✍️🌻Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 🌻✍️