Questions and Answers in Matthew 28

Q. Did those guards witness any supernatural phenomena?
A. Matthew 28:4 = Yes. They saw, with a great earthquake, an angel came down from heaven, rolled the stone away and sat on it.

Q. How did they react to the sight?
A. Matthew 28:4 = The guards fainted in great fear.

Q. Who else saw this phenomenon?
A. Matthew 28:1 = The two Marys formerly mentioned.

Q. Were they scared?
A. Matthew 28:5 = Yes, but the angel assured them that they had nothing to fear.

Q. Why did the angel come? A. Matthew 28:5โ€“7 = To tell them of Jesus’ resurrection.

Q. When the stone was rolled away from the entrance of the tomb, was Jesus already gone?
A. Matthew 28:6 = Yes.

Q. Where did Jesus go?
A. Matthew 28:7 = To Galilee. The angel told the two Marys then to tell all Jesus’ followers to meet Him in Galilee.

Q. How did the women respond to that?
A. Matthew 28:8 = With both fright and great joy. They ran to the disciples!
๐Ÿ‘‰ Certain things frighten me. We wonder how we would react to the sudden presence of an angel who might carry a message for us.

Q. What happened while the two Marys were on the road to tell the disciples?
A. Matthew 28:9 = Jesus met them!

Q. How did they react when they saw Him?
A. Matthew 28:9 = They ran to Him, held His feet and worshiped HIm.
๐Ÿ‘‰First close up,mourning Jesus coming death, then distant as death was upon Him, then close again after death to mourn Him dead, then a night passes and they are back to close up to Jesus and with rejoicing! All in three days’ time. The hardest part of believing God’s Word is grasping the reality of a fantastic future in the foreverworld, which was made possible by the cross. This is what the cross did for all folks who will accept it.
So what is Heaven?
1) No more death
2) No more dead babies
3) No more evil
4) Perfect bodies that even glow
5) Fulfillment in work
6) No inflation
7) No poverty
8) No prejudice
9) No danger
10) No natural disasters
11) No wildness or feralness in animals
12) No burdens
13) No crying
14) No insanity
15) A world lit up by Jesus, the Son of God Himself
16) No betrayal
17) Real friends
18) All doubts removed (Reading and learning God’s Word removes all doubts but who does that regularly, but a few?)

Q. Did the guards become believers?
A. Matthew 28:15 = No. They sold their testimonies to the religious leaders and Pharisees for money.

Q. What happened as a result?
A. Matthew 28:15 = They said the disciples stole the body of Jesus while they slept; a lie told to this day.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Unbelievable! Even witnessing God’s power, fearing it, they were pursuaded by money. Do you have a price? What do you buy in place of what you know in your heart to be true? Or are your gut feelings worth more to you than God’s Word? For you intellectuals: Do you believe things contrary to God’s Word because if feels more worthy because you paid good money for an Einsteinish/Freudian education? Taking the price tag off your knowledge, will you consider returning to God’s ways? They are still perfect, inexpensive and tailorโ€“made for each of God’s creatures.

Q. Did the disciples react to Jesus as the two Marys did, in worship of HIm?
A. Matthew 28:17 = Some did and some still doubted.

Q. You mean some of those destined to be apostles, whose names would go down in history, who would die a martyr’s death, still doubted Jesus resurrection at this point?
A. Matthew 28:17 = Yes.
๐Ÿ‘‰Jesus wasn’t worried for the doubters. After the Holy Spirit came, all mean well within the believing ranks! Only the Holy Spirit can relieve doubt. Some folks need a sign, even bigger than seeing someone come back to life. Let God accommodate them. Each one of us is given a level of faith. Let God work wonders with it His way.

Q. What was one thing accomplished by Jesus in His death and resurrection?
A. Matthew 28:18 = Jesus was given complete authority in Heaven and on earth and commissioned His disciples to make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Q. So there would be many more disciples. What were they to do with the new believers?
A. Matthew 28:20 = Teach them the Word of God.
๐Ÿ‘‰Jesus taught from the Old Testament and brought in the New Covenant of love which replaced the Old Covenant of the Levitical Law of the Temple sacrifices and rituals that made it possible to be near God. Jesus taught plenty from the Old Testament. We have much to gain fro the remaining part of the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit Makes it possible to understand and keep God’s Word, if we will look intently at it.

Q. So what did Jesus emphasize from the Old Testament?
A. Lots of secrets to a happy life:
1) Deuteronomy 8:3 = To feed on the Word of God like our lives depend on it
2) Deuteronomy 6:16 =Not to waste time testing God’s faithfulness
3) Deuteronomy 6:13 = Worship God and serve Him only
4) Matthew 4:17 = Repent and turn back to God
5) Matthew 4:19 = Brig others into the Kingdom
6) Matthew 5:1โ€“48 = Change from sinful self to godly saint
7) Matthew 6:1โ€“4 = Give in secret
8) Matthew 6:5โ€“6 = Pray in secret
9) Matthew 6:9โ€“13 = Pray like Jesus’ example
10) Matthew 6:19โ€“21 = Invest in Heaven
11) Matthew 6:19โ€“24 = Don’t live to make money or hoard it
12) Matthew 6:25โ€“34 = God will always provide
13) Matthew 7:1โ€“5 = Don’t judge
14) Matthew 7:6 = Don’t waste God’s message on mockers
15) Matthew 7โ€“11 = Pray until something happens (P.U.S.H.)
16) Matthew 7:12 = Treat others like you treat yourself โ€” well!
17) Matthew 7:13โ€“14 = Remember the path to Heaven is narrow โ€” no compromiseโ€ฆ
18) Matthew 7:15:13 = โ€ฆbecause of false believers
19) Matthew 7:24โ€“27 = Obedience to God’s Word brings strength
20) Matthew 8:1โ€“4 = Be ready to offer proof of a miraculous healing
21) Matthew 8:20 = Christians shouldn’t settle down in one place. God moves people around for His mission and purpose
22) Matthew 8:22 = Don’t procrastinate your hour of salvation
23) Matthew 8:26 = Don’t be afraid
24) Matthew 9:4 = Jesus can read my mind
25) Matthew 9:6 = Jesus has the authority to forgive sins
26) Matthew 9:9 = Jesus calls disciples to the mission
27) Don’t be standoffish with unbelievers, but be amidst them to make disciples
28) Matthew 9:22โ€“30 = Faith makes us well
29) Matthew 9:37โ€“38 = God sends workers to do the mission
30) Matthew 10:8 = Jesus gave authority to us to do the same miracles He did
31) Matthew 10:5โ€“20 = Missionaries are given guidelines to follow right here
32) Matthew 10:21 = Betrayal amongst brothers happens
33) Matthew 10:20โ€“23 = Persecution happens
34) Matthew 10:23 = Jesus is coming back
35) Matthew 10:34โ€“25 = We share in Jesus’ fate
36) Matthew 10:26โ€“27 = The secrets of God would be made plain
37) Matthew 10:28 = Don’t be afraid to die, even painfully
38) Matthew 10:28 = Fear only God
39) Matthew 10:30 = God knows even the number of hairs on our heads
40) Matthew 10:32โ€“33 = Don’t deny God on earth or He will deny me in Heaven
41) Matthew 10:34 = Jesus brought a sword, not peace to earth
42) Matthew 37:42 = My worth is measured by my faithfulness to God and my fellow believers
43) Matthew 11:6 = I am blessed if I am not offended by Jesus
44) Matthew 11:20โ€“24 = Judging is only God’s to do
45) Matthew 11:27 = Jesus reveals God to whomever He chooses
46) Matthew 12:7โ€“8 = Jesus wants me to be merciful, not legalistic
47) Matthew 12:9โ€“13 = Heal at every opportunity presenting itself
48) Matthew 12:20 = The devil works against Jesus. He uses people to work against believers
49) Matthew 12:31โ€“32 = Blashphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable
50) Matthew 12:34 = Evil men try to speak of what is good
51) Matthew 12:35 = Garbage in, garbage out
52) Matthew 12:37 = Words reflect my fate
53) Matthew 12:48โ€“50 = My family consists of believers
54) Matthew 13:12 = Open people are given the secrets of Heaven
55) Isaiah 6:9โ€“10 = Close people don’t receive the secrets of Heaven
56) Matthew 13:24โ€“30 = God tarries for the sake of the unsaved
57) Psalm 78:2 = Jesus spoke in parables on purpose
58) Matthew 13:50 = The wicked will burn
59) Matthew 13:57 = Prophets are not welcome in their own home towns
60) Matthew 14:31 = Doubting is a sign of weak faith
61) Isaiah 29:13 = False teachers happen
62) Matthew 15:11 = Our nations make us either filthy or good
63) Matthew 16:18 = Jesus came to build His church
64) Matthew 16:22โ€“23 = Satan pits brother against brother and God
65) Matthew 16:24โ€“26 = Christians have a life of sacrifice
66) Deliverance ministry requires much faith
67) Matthew 18:3โ€“6 = We approach God as little children or not at all
68) Matthew 18:7โ€“9 = Hate sin empahtically!
69) Matthew 18:10 = Love children and protect them
70) Matthew 18:15โ€“18 = Confront conflicts head on
71) Matthew 18:19โ€“20 = Pray in groups, agreeing on the requests
72) Matthew 18:21โ€“35 = Forgive always
73) Matthew 19:6 = Don’t divorce
74) Matthew 19:8 = Divorce happens anyway
75) Matthew 19:26 = God only can save
76) Matthew 19:30 = There are no ranks in Heaven
77) Matthew 20:15 = We shouldn’t be angry because God is kind
79) Matthew 20:22 = To want the most in service to God means great suffering
80) Matthew 20:26 = A believer’s life means one of service to God
81) Matthew 21:21โ€“22 = We can perform miracles with enough faith
82) Psalm 8:2 = God taught children to praise Him
83) Psalm 118:22โ€“23 = Jesus is the precious cornerstone of this Psalm
84) Exodus 3:6 = To most important commandment is this verse.
85) Psalm 110:1 = Jesus would sit at the right hand of the Lord until it is time to humble His enemies
86) Practice and obey the Scriptures, even if the teacher doesn’t
87) Believers are all equal brothers and sisters. OnlyGod is Father, Master and Rabbi.
88) Matthew 34:36 = Believers will die for Jesus
89) Matthew 24:4โ€“51; 25:1โ€“6 = Future events were prophesied
90) Zechariah 13:7 = God would strike Jesus down and the sheep would scatter
91) Matthew 26:41 = The human spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak
92) Matthew 26:41 = Keep alert and pray
93) Matthew 26:54 = All events occurred to fulfill Scripture
94) Jesus was given complete authority
95) Matthew 28:19 = Jesus commissioned us to make disciples
96) Matthew 28:20 = Jesus is always with us
๐Ÿ‘‰These 96 truths stick out in our mind. All things point to the beginning of a new age, even calendars are marked by this beginning. This is an age where we will do even grater things than Jesus did, and with Jesus by us all the way.

โœ๏ธ๐ŸŒทMrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ ๐ŸŒทโœ๏ธ