True Happiness

Blessed are the pure in heart” (Matt 5:8).

‘Blessed’ also means ‘happy’. True happiness is holiness. All other happinesses are imaginary and fleeting. If you go to a sandy beach in a tropical country you will enjoy lying on the sand; it may appear a pleasure. But after you come away from the beach, have a bath and wear fresh clean clothes, if you lie on a soft bed and find a pinch of sand there on the bed, it will irritate you so much that you cannot rest till you have got rid of it. One may ask you, “Earlier you were lying on the sand itself, and you enjoyed it. Now there is only a pinch of sand on your bed. Why can’t you enjoy it?” Your answer will be, “Well, now I am washed and clean and wearing clean clothes. Even a few grains of sand really irritate me on this soft bed.”

In the same way, to a sinner, enjoying the pleasures of the world is like lying on a sandy beach. But to a person who is washed in the blood of Jesus and who has put on the character of Christ, even the little sins and pleasures of the past life appear irritable and undesirable.

Dear child of God, love purity of life. Shun every trace of evil, yea, every appearance of evil. Then surely you will be a happy man.

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Stay Blessed😊

Matthew 5:22 : But I say to you, That whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whoever shall say, You fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

In Matthew 5:22, we saw the word ‘Raca’, and is the only passage in the Bible where the term raca is used.

What does the word “Raca” mean when Jesus uses it in the Bible?

The word “raca” is sometimes translated as “fool” or “useless” and even rendered “cursed” or “empty headed”

Jesus gives a stern warning to those who call other people a fool because it really means useless or cursed and some Bibles translate it as “empty headed.”

Here we can see that Jesus makes an astounding connection between anger and murder.

Where does murder begin?
In the angry heart.

Most of us struggle with anger at least to some degree.
I think anger has become one of the most secret sins that people struggle with.

Most of the time we don’t talk about it more often because no one knows about it except for close family and friends.

I think it’s also one of the most justified sins in our life.

We defend why we’re angry, we blame other people, or our circumstances.

Therefore, it’s our right to be angry.
But God takes it seriously.

Jesus had some shocking things to say about anger.

In our anger, we lose sight of the person that God loves.

So… Dear Friends,…….

  • Let’s pray today that we are no longer controlled by our emotions and instead controlled by the Mercy and Grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Jooley Mathew Z