A wrong suggestion can be costly

A wrong suggestion can be costly in this lockdown, just like Moses listening to a wrong suggestion was costly…Deuteronomy 1:22-23

🌈In this lockdown we will have lot of suggestions coming from various quarters, some are well meaning and others can be a fatal mistake which we can regret. So it is wise to check out the suggestions you get with those who matured in faith and seasoned in the word. Moses listened to the suggestions of the tribal leaders and elders to spy out the land flowing with milk and honey, which God had already promised. Sadly, it all ended disastrously.

🌈On the plains of Moab, Moses recalls the Israelites’s wilderness wanderings and he is giving a historical background to the next generation of the Israelites who are going to cross over to the Promised Land, looking back at the reason for their wilderness wanderings, so that history doesn’t repeat itself. We make a lot of mistakes in life when we don’t know the true picture of some things in life that we need to know. If this generation ours doesn’t not pass on the truth about the corona virus, the next generation will think that it was myth or some fake news.

🌈Moses remembers Israel’s suggestion to send forth spies, Deuteronomy 1:22-23. He looked back with regret, because there was no urgent reason to send them out. He said that their suggestions or plan seemed good. He didn’t seek God. God had already said that the land was good. But, they wanted to confirm, which shows they didn’t believe God’s word. God also told them that they would have the land and defeat the people living in the land. So there was no need to go and take a look at the people. They doubted God and must have wondered if God could take up the challenge of defeating people of the land

🌈How many times did we doubt if God could keep us alive in this pandemic? Can He really take us out of this pandemic. Can God deliver us from this Corona virus? We can forget easily how big our God is! Moses did what the people suggested. And as a result, though the 12 spies agreed that the land was good, the nation decided to believe the 10 spies and the negative report which caused fear and panick, Numbers 13:31-33.

🌈Child of God, Remember this, studying the Word of God is so important to our faith walk. This 270 days Bible reading is a golden opportunity for our friends and family so that they too can avoid the pitfalls in life. When we are reading only Numbers 13:2, it might seem that this plan to send the 12 spies into Canaan originated with God, not the people

🌈But, if we take a careful look, it shows that Numbers 13:2 dealt mainly with the number of spies to be sent and how they should be chosen, one from each tribe. So, though the plan did not originate with God, in Deuteronomy 1:22-23, shows that, it originated with the people and Moses approved it. In spite of the land was a good land they did not trust God to bring them into the land because they saw the giants bigger than God’s promise, Numbers 13:27-28. In the same way, in spite of God bringing them out of Egypt and carrying them like a father carries his son, they didn’t believe God and they ended up dying in the desert and unable to enter the promised land, Deuteronomy 1:29-36.

🌈God had done nothing but show Himself faithful to Israel.Yet, they answered God’s faithfulness with rebellion, murmuring, and unbelief.

🌈They were not persuaded of the love of God, and they found it hard to trust a God they did not believe loved them.

🌈Christians in this Lockdown also need to be persuaded of the love of God. Many believers are hindered in their walk with God because they are doubting how could a God of love allow this corona catastrophe? God’s Word is true even today. So, let’s be rooted in Christ, so that, we don’t get uprooted by vulnerable suggestions….Amen🙏

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