The best of the first fruits were to be offered

Offerings of all kinds offered unto the Lord had to be offered regularly on following the specific rules laid down for the same, if they were to be accepted, Numbers 15. The best of the first fruits were to be offered and any one willfully disobeying would be cut off from God’s people, vs 30.

Further even the corners of their garments had to be adorned with tassels which had a blue thread thereon, to serve as a reminder of God’s commandments which were to be obeyed at all times, vs 37-40. Even after Miriam was struck with leprosy, Korah and his followers had not learnt a lesson. This was because their fate of now having to roam about in the wilderness for 40 long years made them feel justified to whip up a rebellion against the authorities without any rational basis whatsoever!

This impulsive act brought about great punishment upon themselves and those who joined them, Numbers 16! It must be noted that Korah’s sons did not join in their father’s rebellion and were spared as a result, vs 27!

Their sons wrote many Psalms subsequently, Psalm 46, being a well- known Psalm among them! Therefore, we need to take great care to see to it that we don’t impulsively and falsely implicate God-ordained authority while getting others to join us too! God will definitely show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are blameless and whom He has specifically appointed, just like He did when Aaron’s rod budded and those of the others leaders did not, Numbers 17. God will also always vindicate those whom authority wrongly oppresses in due season, if they would only wait for God’s perfect timing in humility!

There is no point justifying ourselves if God doesn’t back us up! Further, if God has called us specifically to do ministry for Him, He Himself, will take the responsibility of providing for all our needs in the best possible manner as *Numbers 18 clearly shows us! There will be no need to go around begging for money or job opportunity from those around us!

Any uncleanness occurring on account of coming in contact with a corpse or dead thing had to be purified with the water of purification, obtained from the ashes of a red heifer that was slaughtered and burnt up for that purpose.

This had to be done on the third and seventh day after which the unclean person had to wash his clothes and bath so as to be pronounced as clean, Numbers 19. Those who refused to do so would be cut off from God’s people, vs 20!

These rituals go to show us that all uncleanness on account of sin or any association with death that resulted from sin, had to be atoned for as soon as it was known, if one was desirous to continue staying in and enjoying God’s presence!

Let us be diligent to apply these principles in our own lives, such that we enjoy God’s presence, grace and favour, and so, not lose out on inheriting the abundant life already given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.