Praise the Lord almighty!

In Just 2 days we’ll dive into God’s word together.
Please spend these 2 days in prayer. Pray for our group, and the other 10,500 groups around the world so that the Lord will give us a spirit to read, learn, and apply God’s word in our lives on a daily basis.

270 days of Bible reading… that’s 9 months..ting ting ting.. bells ringing…
What happens after 9 months? A baby is born.
A spiritual baby. New life in Christ.

As women, we know from day one of pregnancy, there’s something new growing inside of us. Lot of changes happening inside as baby is developing, and lot of external changes in our physical bodies .. soon people start noticing that change and ask if v r pregnant or when the baby is due. So also, in our spiritual journey in the next 9 months I pray that God will give us new spiritual growth and people start noticing that difference in our physical life as well.. then we have an opportunity to talk about Christ, and his work in us.

If we stop our Journey before completing the 9 months, it’s like a premie stage for our spiritual life and v become very fragile Spiritually.
So complete the 9 months and let’s see what God is going to Create in us.

I congratulate you for taking the 1st step in joining the group. Happy Journey and looking forward to the beautiful new Spiritual you, and the new spiritual me in 9 months.

Be glorified in us Lord. Amen

Admin, group#012