Proverbs 10 and 11

Proverbs 10

This Chapter contains many sayings concerning a wise person as against a foolish one and a righteous person as against a wicked one.

It begins by saying that a wise person’s father has joy concerning his child, vs 1. He works diligently during the summer or hour of opportunity, vs 5, and willingly receives instruction, vs 8. He speaks discerning words, vs 13, and stores up knowledge, vs 14.

He does not keep hatred in his heart or spread slander, vs 18, but, he restrains his words and so avoids transgression, vs 19. He delights in the fear of the Lord and so gains discernment, vs 23. On the contrary, the fool does just the opposite! We also see the many qualities of a righteous person in this chapter.

To begin with, a righteous person gains his treasures in a righteous way, vs 2 and the Lord satisfies his appetite, vs 3. Blessings are on his head and his memory is a blessing, vs 6,7. He lives in security and his teaching is a fountain of life, and, he never promotes violence, vs 9,11.

His reward is life and not judgment, vs 16. His words are like choice silver and not of little value and his teachings feed many, vs 20,21. God will grant him the desires of his heart and when a storm passes through, he will not be swept away, vs 24,25. He hopes with joy at the things to come, because the Lord is his stronghold and no matter what happens, he is not moved, vs 28-30. His speech bears the fruit of wisdom which is pleasing and contains nothing perverse therein, vs 31,32.
The wicked on the other hand does just the opposite.

The blessings that are on the head of the wise and righteous person make rich, adding no sorrow to it, so says vs 6 and 22. If we are wise and righteous, then our lives will exhibit the above qualities but, if not, let us repent while we still have time and so partake of the glorious future that awaits the righteous, and for the present live in the secret place of the most high and the shadow of the Almighty! Amen.

Proverbs 11

This Chapter tells us a lot about who a righteous person really is and what benefits he enjoys as a result.

To begin with, he does not give false impressions to others about his spirituality or any other aspect of his life, be it business or otherwise, because this is what God hates, vs 1! He is humble, quick to acknowledge his sin, and therefore, acquires wisdom, vs 2. He is a person of integrity, and, as a result keeps himself away from destruction, vs.3. He pursues righteousness and not wealth and in so doing, he is kept safe in a day of wrath, vs 4. He walks on a straight and steady path, vs 5.

This enables him to keep safe in times of danger, vs 6. There is a future and hope for him when he dies and in times of trouble he is delivered, while the wicked takes his place, vs 7,8. Because he fears the Lord, he is careful not to destroy his neighbour’s reputation or slander his neighbour, vs 9, 12, 13. His presence in the city exalts the city n brings it much joy, vs 10,11. The counsel of many righteous people in the city, keeps it from being destroyed, vs 14.

He does not put up security for a stranger,vs 15. A righteous woman is generous and graceful while a hard working man gains wealth, vs 16. One who sows in righteousness reaps a genuine reward and will ultimately gain life, vs 18,19. The Lord hates the perverse in heart and assuredly, an evil person will suffer punishment, 20,21. Discretion in a woman, is more valuable than her beauty, and so as women, we must give priority to gaining discretion more than we give to beautifying ourselves, vs22.

We bring blessings on ourselves by being generous and curses when we are miserly, vs 24-26. A righteous person doesn’t trouble his family by going after ill-gotten gain, he doesn’t put his trust in riches and diligently seeks for good in everything and everyone around him, vs 27-29. It is for all these reasons that his life brings forth fruit and many souls are won into the Kingdom as a result, vs 30.

If even a righteous person has to face God’s judgment, then, we are warned that we will have a hopeless future, if we continue in wickedness and unrighteousness, vs 31.
Let him who has a ear, hear and set our way right, while we still have the time! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.