Are The Psalms Relevant Today?

Day 120 (Psalms 3-10)
Give heed to the voice of my cry, My King and my God, For to You I will pray” (5:2)

On reaching the Book of Psalms yesterday I expressed great satisfaction and happiness. But when I started writing the insights I found that writing insights for Psalms was not that easy. Reasons:-

1.Most of the Psalms were written by none other than the legendary King David. And naturally what is dealt with therein are subjects which are the perceptions of a king , the issues and crises confronted by a king , the relief sought and the resolutions made by him before Yahweh. The fear of the enemies, the extermination of the enemies and so on… Therefore, what is there for an ordinary person like me, to relate with?

2.These are the sacred songs composed by Psalmist David. There is imagination, interpretation, exaggeration [eg-Psalm 51:8] unavoidable in songs. You cannot comment on a song with the equal ease of commenting on a person or event.

Despite all these, for generations, the Psalms are a source of hope and refuge even for lowest of the low. Why?

The only reason for the Psalms remaining relevant for humanity for ever is that GOD is the central point in every expression.

Fright, frustration, sadness, trust, hope, submission are all emotions common to the king and the subject, rich and poor. Therefore, the prayers of David are our prayers too, the songs of David are our songs too.

In verse 2 of Psalm 5, the mighty King David is placing God above him as a superior King. That has made it easier for King David to prostrate himself before God in absolute humility and pray. He humbles himself before praying to God.

“My King and my God, For to You I will pray”.

If David did it why can’t we?

David reminds us to purge ourselves of our pride, ego and self-glorification and submit totally to Him and pray.

George Joseph Trivandrum