Bouquets of Praise


Bouquets of Praise

PSALM 147 – 150

💐The Book of Psalm ,ends so aptly with bouquets of praise.
We notice that each of the last five Psalms (146-150) begins with a Hallelujah (Praise Yahweh) or Praise the Lord and ends with a Hallelujah too! And wonderful praise in between. What a lot we have to praise God for. Such a wide spectrum of topics for which God is to be praised. Instead of just saying Praise God Praise God, we get specific pointers to what we praise and why. What a marvellous note to end on! Tying up the ends, as it were, with praise.

💐No matter where we look, we have zillions of reasons to praise the Lord. If we can’t think of them, the psalmist is there to lead us.

💐 Psalm 147 seems to be a celebration of the exiles returning to Jerusalem. But it is as valid to us today as it was to them then. When we return from spiritual exile we can share the exact same feelings and desire to praise our Lord.

◻️Along with them we praise God for healing the broken hearted and binding their wounds (147:9).

◻️We praise him because he’s so awesome. He not only determines the number of stars but calls each by name. How mind boggling. (147:4)

◻️He understands us better than we can understand ourselves! Limitless understanding! (147:5)

◻️We praise him for His activity in nature which is unsurpassing.
◻️We praise him for his provision to all. Even the young raven gets a mention! Because God cares for the weak, the insignificant.

💐CH 148. It’s not only us who are to praise God, but the entire universe!

the heavenly things,
the heights,
sun and moon,
heaven of heavens,
water above the >heavens, sea creatures, >ocean depths, all nature, >all animals, all creatures are to praise God.

Instead, how sad that so many foolishly worship created things!

💐In Ch 149 the psalmist calls for a new song to the Lord. Don’t just chant the same old things.

💐And in Ch 150, the last Psalm we reach the peak of praise! Praise God in his sanctuary… Praise him for his power and greatness… Praise him with music and dance.
Everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!

Let us join this litany of meaningful praise, instead of parroting words meaninglessly .