Can we make our Sovereign LORD our shelter

Can we make our Sovereign LORD our shelter, and tell everyone about the wonderful things He did in the Lockdown… Psalm 73:28.

🎺 For the last eight months, my lockdown experience has taken me closer to God. Each time I tried to plan something, it didn’t work out until I realized the Lockdown had a purpose. It was to get me to be near Him. All my busy movements came to a sudden halt, and as Asaph said in Psalm 73:28, it was good for me to be with God and I will tell everyone about the wonderful deeds He did when I come out, Psalm 73:28.

🎺 Asaph who has written Psalms 73-83, besides other Psalms, a total of 12 Psalms, was one of the three temple singers assigned by King David to the Temple when David first brought the Ark to Jerusalem 1 Chronicles 16:4-7. During the time of David, not only did he write songs, but also tuned the songs David penned. Asaph was a descendant of Gershon, the son of Levi, and he is identified as a member of the Levites. His four sons were also involved in leading the Levites that were dedicated to serving God through music.

🎺 It is interesting to note that the reason Asaph could write about the beauty of the sanctuary of God and his longing to be near God was because he was a seer. This means that not only was he the director of music but he had visions from God, and God talked to him through the visions, 2 Chronicles 29:30. After serving David faithfully in the elite choir, Asaph was also a prominent musician during the time of Solomon, serving in the Temple with his sons, 2 Chronicles 5:11-13.

🎺 Solomon, who wrote Psalm 72, began to follow after other gods and was led astray by his many wives. It could be possible that was when Asaph wrote Psalms 73 to 83 where, in these psalms, there are some great lessons for us today, when we see the ungodly prosper. Asaph got God’s perspective when he went into God’s sanctuary, Psalm 73:17. It helped heal his heart and he realized that his heart was so bitter, Psalm 73:21.

🎺 Child of God, Remember this, when we don’t see our situation from God’s perspective, we too can become bitter in our hearts. So many have gone astray in the lockdown because they can’t see God in their troubled situation. Many have lost their loved ones, lost their jobs and business. The lockdown and the pandemic were totally unplanned and unprepared for. We need to reach out to those who are hurt and help them be restored. We should leave our comfort zone and comfort someone in need. I have decided that I won’t sleep until I have ministered to someone daily.

🎺 We can learn from Asaph that in the presence of God, He will show us and strengthen us with the certainty of hope for the future. He will guide us with His counsel, Psalm 73:24-26. To avoid becoming bitter-hearted our hearts must be firmly fixed on God’s perspective in this lockdown and avoid letting circumstances dictating to us.

🎺 In the midst of fear and discouragement, Asaph remembered God’s mighty power, Psalm 77:11-12, “But then I recall all you have done, O LORD; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago. They are constantly in my thoughts. I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works.” Yes, that is what we should be doing in the lockdown challenges: fix our eyes on Him and recall all the past mighty works He has done for us… Amen. 🙏

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