Cause and Effect

Psalm 86

❇️ One of the basic principles we see in nature is Cause(c) & Effect (e). This means behind every effect we see in nature there is an underlying cause . David, a man after God’s own heart wants this Cause & Effect principle to operate in his relationship with God in the following verses of Psalm 86.

▶️ I am poor and needy (c)
Hear & answer me Lord (e) – v1

▶️ I am devoted to you (c)
Guard my life (e) – v2

▶️ I trust in you (c)
Save your servant (e) – v2

▶️ I call to you all day long (c)
Have mercy on me (e) – v3

▶️ I lift up my soul (c)
Bring joy to your servant (e) – v4

▶️ To all who call to you (c)
You are forgiving & good (e) – v5

▶️ I cry for mercy (c)
Hear my prayer (e) – v6

❇️ When we look at David’s prayer we infer that for every right cause there is right effect from God. This means we need to do/be the right things/person in our life to expect the right response from God.

❇️ When this becomes our
life pattern we can ask God to cause the right things for which if we respond rightly we end up praising God as seen below in David’s life.

▶️ Teach me your way (c)
I will walk in your truth (e) – v11

▶️ Give an undivided heart (c)
I may fear your name (e) – v11

▶️ You have delivered me from the depths of grave (c)
I will praise you with all my heart (e) – v12 &13

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️Cause & effect principle operates in our relationship with God.
▪️When we do/be the right things/person God effects beneficial things to us
▪️When we can ask God for things that will enable us to live the right way then we will end up praising God

Vellore 🙏🏽