Faith testing times can be- faith strengthening times

Psalms: 66
Simple thoughts for
💫 deeper meditation .

Psalm: 66: 10-12

For You, God, tested us; You refined us like silver- You brought us into prison
and laid burdens on our backs. —– but you brought us to a place of abundance

⚡ The Psalmist writes
clearly about God’s direct role in the bad things that
happened to His people.
( see above verses ) This is
no way an accusation against God, rather it is an
acknowledgement of His
love. God had arranged those things in order to gain their attention. Without that
interventions, they would have continued in their
destructive behaviour.

⚡ The Psalmist says,
” God has tested us, and refined us like silver.” When
we had gone through the
book of Job, we found that
Job had made a similar
statement.” When God has
tested me, I will come forth
as gold” (Job:23:10 )
Job was in financial ruin, his
ten children had died, and he
was afflicted with a painful
disease.( Job: 1:13-19; 2:7 )
In the midst of these trials,
he sought to understand why he had to suffer so much. Later he expressed his conviction that God was
testing him to prove the purity of his character.

⚡ Perhaps you feel bad
about a trial you are facing.
God allows us to undergo
these times of testing to
toughen our spiritual muscles and endurance. He
teaches us to rely on Him
and purifies us to be holy, so
that we become more like
Jesus Christ.

⚡ No wonder the Psalmist
could praise God for refining
the Israelites through fire and water as they suffered in slavery and exile. God not
only preserved and brought
them to a place of great
abundance, but also purified
them in the process.

⚡ In a similar way God tests
us to show the quality of our
faith.(Please read, Proverbs:
17:3, Isaiah: 48:10, James:
1:12, 1 Peter: 1:6-7, 4:1-13 )

💫 As we go through testing
we can rely on God for strength and perseverence.

How has testing helped
to refine your faith?
Faith testing times can be-
faith strengthening times

Dr. Thomas David.🎯