God hears short prayers

Psalm Chapter 70

This psalm is an urgent prayer for God’s help when threatened by enemies. The psalmist pleads the Lord to come quickly ( v 1,5 )

📌 The stress on haste suggests that the psalmist is in immediate danger. All he can offer is a short prayer : ” To put confusion and shame to those ( his enemies ) who wanted to take his life “.

📝 In OT God often defeated Israel’s enemies by throwing them to confusion ( Exo 14:24 ; Jos 10:10 ; 1Sam 14:20 )
God can still send confusion on those who oppose His children. Differences of opinion among political leaders can lead them to drop anti – conversion bills.
🔖 It is not wrong to pray for such confusion.

📝 In Matthew 14 : 22-33 , Peter had the privilege to walk on the water but he started to sink when he focus his eyes on the wind. Immediately Peter offered the shortest prayer in the Bible : ” Lord, save me ” v 30.
Peter did not made a long prayer : telling his problem ; confessing his sins and so on but his prayer was very specific. It was good that Peter knew he was sinking, and he want Jesus to save him. The text says, “
Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.. ” v 31
📌 Today many of us do not know that we are sinking ; some knew about it but are praying superficially.

🔖 The same Jesus who rescued Peter from sinking is able to rescue you and me from the miry clay, slimy pit and fierce storms .

💞 Beloved Church, like the psalmist , we should acknowledge that we need help and He alone can help us. We should quickly turn to God in prayer. Be specific in your prayer.

📝 Matthew gives us the “Donts of prayer” :
✅ Do not be like hypocrites who loves to show off during prayer.
✅ Do not repeat your words .
✅ Do not keep on babbling like pagans .
🔖 The God of the Bible knows what we need before we asked Him ( 5:5-8 )

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳