God is enthroned over every flood including the COVID Flood

God is enthroned over every flood including the COVID Flood….Psalm 29:10

👑Though the global report is grim about the current situation with the corona pandemic, let us focus on Psalm 29:10 until this is all over. Focus on the One who enthrones Himself over the flood and walks on the stormy seas. Our temporary short-term setbacks and restrictions should not be seen negatively but see it positively as needed measure to save lives and enjoy longevity in the long-term.

👑Yes no matter what is happening in the world, He got the world in His Hands, Psalm 95:4. God’s Power is displayed in natural science throughout the Bible, specially as shown in storm and tempest, lightning and thunder, earthquake and mountain wave, we can share with interest, delight, to engage others on these wonderful works of God in nature

👑Every atom is kept in harness and in harmony by God. Everything is in orbit just the way it was designed to do so. He kept Noah and his family safe in flood and He will do the same for us if we heed to His Voice. The same God who thunders so loudly can also whisper so softly. He can reduce a tempest into a whisper, Psalm 107:29.

👑Child of God, Remember this, God is on the throne, He is the King of the Universe. The sceptre of His universal power will never drop from His Hands, nor will He ever transfer it to another, or abdicate His throne, Psalm 97:1

👑Give glory to God and rejoice! He is so loving, kind and gracious to His Covenant People. He sent His Son, Who demostated that He can suspend the Laws of Nature and walk on water. He is calling us to be water walkers in faith. Step out in faith, let Peace rule our hearts and came the storm in our hearts and minds

👑While the fiercest storm is raging without, God can and does give us peace within, a peace which becomes richer and fuller, as we keep on reading His Word. Increased knowledge of God and Jesus will multiply grace and peace, 2 Peter1:2. It is “the peace of God, passing all understanding” Philippians 4:6-7

👑To see only the law of nature everywhere and God nowhere would be enough to crush us in this lockdown. But to see God everywhere working by law inspires rest and joy in our spirit, soul and body because Our Abba Father is at the helm of every storm…. Amen🙏

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