Psalm 7. *It is a prayer for God to vindicate. Lord if there is injustice in my hands, if I have rewarded evil to those who were at peace with me, then let my enemy persecute me vs 3_5.

It is very serious thing to do evil to others. There are two types of sins _ sins where you harm yourselves and sins where you harm others Drug addiction, smoking etc are sins by which one harms oneself. Gossiping destroys the reputation of others. God is angry with such wicked people everyday.vs 11

Psalmist considers 3 ways of justice.If he deserves punishment then God should let his enemies have their way.vs 3_5.But feeling sure that his cause is right, the psalmist calls for a courtroom 7_11 where God is the judge, punishing the wicked and vindicating him Finally he foresees justice working out thro’ natural causes, evil leading to its own normal result, catching evil doer in his own trap.14_15

God will execute the final justice even if it is not during our life time

Cynthia Sathiaraj