My help comes from the Lord

Psalm 121 is a dialogue of confession and assurance, used as a pilgrimage song. The comforting assurance expressed is appropriate for the pilgrimage to Jerusalem and for the pilgrimage of the life of a believer.

This chapter starts with a statement. I lift up my eyes to the hills, then a question- Where does my help comes from?,followed by its answer. My help comes from the Lord. 121:2a.

Who is the Lord?
Lord is the maker of heaven and earth. 121:2( the Supreme Creator or the Allmighty God.)

What the Lord does for us?

  1. He will not let our foot slip.(where the road is slippery). 121:3.
  2. The Lord watches over us without sleep nor slumber.(There are god’s who go to sleep /slumber. Those who go to them, need to call/wake them up, every now and then.)121:4.
    3.The Lord will be our shade at our right hand. 121:5. To get shade, we need to stand close to Him.
  3. The sun will not harm us by day.(extreme heat and the enemies whom we can see.) 121:6a.
  4. The moon will not harm you by night. 121:6b.( extreme cold/ darkness – sudden attack of theives, robbers, snakes, animals..)
  5. The Lord will keep us from all harm, throughout our life or journey.( from all enemies, from all dangers, from all accidents,…) 121:7.
  6. The Lord will watch over your coming and going.. forevermore. 121:8. (Not just our ascent to Jerusalem, our descent from Jerusalem, not just our pilgrimage but throughout our earthly pilgrimage or journey.)

The Lord is repeated 5 times.vv 2, 5(2), 7, 8. watch / watches over also repeated 5 times. vv 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.

The Lord watches over all those who look to Him for help.

I am a traveller for the Lord, most of the time travelling alone through dangerous and slippery paths. I am a pilgrim in this world, travelling towards my Jersusalem. Psalm 121 is such a strengthening and comforting one for me in my journey. My Lord watches over me, day and night without sleeping and is keeping me from all harm. I am not alone as He is right there at my right side.

How is your journey? Is it slippery,dangerous, scary..?

Are you facing difficulties, problems,…in your pilgrim journey / life?

Let us continue to look to Him for help.Our help will come from the Lord.