Nailed the foolish people

Psalm Chapter 14

This Psalm begins with the word “Fool”. The Hebrew word translated “Fool” does not refer to someone who is unintelligent but to someone who is:
✅ Rebellious (Ps 107:17)
✅ Mocks God (Ps 74:18, 22)
✅ Refuses to be taught or corrected (Prov 15:12;17:10)
✅ Do not have knowledge nor understanding (Ps 92:6)

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes: THERE IS NO GOD (v 1a)
Today’s passage exposes the characteristics of a Fool:
📌 Fools are convinced, “There is no God”.
📌 They are “corrupt”
📌 Their “deeds are vile”
📌 They do not do “good deeds”
📌 They “frustrate the plans of the poor”

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes: NO ONE DOES GOOD (v 1b)
The fool’s inner corruption affects the way they treat others because their deeds are vile and “no one does good not even one “.

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes: GOD LOOKS DOWN FROM HEAVEN (v 2)
🔖 To find out anyone who understands Him .
🔖 To find out anyone who seek Him .
📌 The Lord is still longing to find out the one who seek him , trust him, obey him and follow him.

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes:
From this passage it is clear that “fools are not alone in being corrupt”. The people who had seen His glory, His provision, His protection and His fulfilled promises have turned away from Him. He came, He sought but He cannot find anyone who understands Him.
📌 Even church going people are not paying much attention to Him, and as a result they are turning away from Him.

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes:
☑️ “Never learn “
☑️ “Oppress the poor”
These people would exploit the poor and under priviledge thinking that no one will hold them to account.
📌 As a child of God we must know that “His laws forbids the exploitation of foreigners, widows and orphans”(Deut 27:19)

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes:
GOD IS THE REFUGE of the poor and oppressed (v 4-6)
The fools/evildoers would be overwhelmed with dread when they discover that God cares the poor and oppressed people. He takes a special interest in them and punishes those who abuse them (Deut 10:18 ; Is 10:1-2)

✍🏻 The Psalmist writes:
The Psalmist had confidence that the deliverance for God’s people will indeed come out of Zion, the place where God dwells and worshipped

💞 Beloved Church, our God reigns and is actively working to restore his people.
Let us stand firm in faith and not involved ourselves as the fool thinks.

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳

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