Our pride and arrogance can blind us from praying to God

God will hear us in the day of trouble and that includes this pandemic situation because we are His and we trust in Him… Psalm 86:1-7.

🙇‍♀ I had a small red Gideon Bible with me, before I committed my life to the Lord and when I didn’t know the Bible. But, for some reason I would read Psalm 84 & Psalm 86 and little did I know that these two Psalms would launch me into the future to write insights. Deep inside me God was working out His wonderful plans for me. Even today both the Psalms speak to me as I look back and see how God was seeing how thirsty I was for Him even when I didn’t know then what I know now. How great is His Love towards me then and now in my lockdown!, Psalm 86:13

🙇‍♀ It is thought that Psalm 86 is a prayer that David used regularly in his life and was not written for a particular occasion. There are so many trials and tribulations within the world therefore it is vital that we pray to God for mercy and allow Him to help lead us away from potential sins and we all need deliverance and salvation of the Lord, more so in this pandemic situation with numerous challenges.

🙇‍♀ The reason why Psalm 86 appealed to me was because I used it as a prayer when I didn’t know how to pray. I felt it was written for me. Years of praying this Psalm led me to have a God-encounter and the rest is history. David gave glory to God. He praised Him throughout the prayer in the most humble and reverent adoration, without taking away God’s infinite greatness or His infinite goodness, Psalm 86:17.

🙇‍♀ There are 15 prayer requests in this Psalm. David, a king, had so many requests and he was a needy man, Psalm 86:1. No matter what our position in life is, we are needy people, for only God can meet our needs. In this pandemic situation no one has an answer, and more and more people are turning to God. David, in this Psalm 86:1-7, cried out in great need for God to hear and act on his behalf. In Psalm 86:8-10, he had a praise request declaring God as the only true God. In Psalm 86:11-13, David asked God to teach him and unite his heart to fear God so that he can glorify Him forever. Finally in Psalm 86:14-17, David asked for God’s mercy and grace to deliver him. There is so much we can learn about prayer from this Psalm.

🙇‍♀ Child of God, Remember this, our pride and arrogance can blind us from praying to God for all our needs. Our great needs should drive us to our great God in these pandemic challenges. Like David, we as a church should recognize our own selfishness, arrogance and pride and see the bigger picture of our great and awesome God Who is able to take us through any situation we are facing because He is good to all who seek Him… Amen. 🙏

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