Prosperity of the Wicked and Assurance of the Righteous

Psalm 73

Psalm 73 is ascribed to Asaph, a song leader in David’s court. Asaph is pouring out his misery. He is discontented because the world is influencing him and he is envious of what other people seem to have. They didn’t walk with God and yet they seem so blessed. So Asaph is wondering, Is it worth it to walk with God?

In the middle of the Psalm , he looks at God, gets his eyes off the world and himself and he focuses upward. As he is focusing on God, his thinking changes.

It may look like these other people who despises God have it all but they don’t. They really have nothing and what they seems to have won’t last. Even though by worldly standards, Asaph – a believer doesn’t have a lot, he realizes he is the one with everything because he has God.


  1. Wicked people are prosperous. 73:3.
  2. They have no struggle. 73:4.
  3. Their bodies are healthy and strong. 73:4
  4. They are free from burdens. 73:5.
  5. They are very proud people. 73:6.
  6. They clothe themselves with violence. 73:6.
  7. Their heart is callous.73:7( insensitive and cruel disregard for others.)
  8. Their mind know no limits in evil conceits (excessive pride in oneself) 73:7.
  9. They scoff and speak with malice.(the desire to harm someone) 73:8.
  10. They are arrogant, they threaten to oppress others. 73:8.
  11. Their mouth lay claim to heaven. 73:9.
  12. Their tongue take possession of the earth. 73:9.
  13. They say- “How can God know?” , Does the most high have knowledge?
  14. They are always carefree.73:12.
  15. Their wealth increase.73:12.


  1. God placed the wicked on slippery ground. 73:18.
  2. God cast the wicked to ruin. 73:18.
  3. Wicked are suddenly destroyed. 73:19.
  4. Wicked are completely swept away by terror. 73:19.
  5. As a dream, God will despise them as fantasies. 73:20.
  6. Wicked will perish. 73:27.
  7. God will destroy them. 73:27.


  1. Righteous person keeps his heart pure.73:1,13.
  2. Righteous person leads an innocent life.73:13.


  1. Righteous is always with God.(Never alone)73:23.
  2. God hold him by his right hand.73:23.
  3. God guides a righteous person. 73:24.
  4. God will take him into glory. 73:24.
  5. A righteous person has God in heaven and earth. 73:25.
  6. God is the strength of a righteous person.73:26.
  7. God is his portion forever. 73:26.
  8. God is the refuge of a righteous person.73:28.
  9. God is near to a righteous person. 73:28.
  10. A righteous person tell about God’s deeds.73:28.

Are we allowing our eyes to see the prosperity of the wicked?Are we getting discouraged by seeing their prosperity?

Are we seeing beyond temporal and seeing the eternal?

Let us rejoice in the Lord and thank God for all what God is doing in our life.