Psalm 129 and 133

Psalm 129

This Psalm teaches us about the confidence that we can have before God in the face of unjust affliction.

It begins by telling Israel to say out loud that though they had been afflicted many times right from their youth up, by the enemy plowing upon their backs and making lifelong wounds, yet their enemies were unable to prevail over them, vs 1- 3. This was because God who is righteous, prevented that from happening by cutting apart the cords of the wicked, vs 4.

Further, he issues a decree stating that all those who hate Zion, (in today’s setting we could apply that to mean the Church), should be confounded and retreat, vs 5; and be as grass that withers long before it grows to maturity, vs 6, so that, neither the reaper nor the gatherer is able to gather them into the barns, vs 7; and, so that, those who pass by will not pronounce a blessing over them in the Name of the Lord, vs 8!

This Psalm serves as a guide or a pattern that depicts how a son/daughter of God (who walks righteously before Him, and is yet persecuted by unbelievers), can use their authority in Christ by means of their confession, and thwart the wicked plans of the enemy against them and allow God to deal with the same. Walking righteously before God and persistently confessing the Word of God, in faith, over distressing circumstances, is often the answer that enables us get mighty mountains move out of our way so that the purposes of God can be accomplished in our lives.

May our eyes be enlightened to this truth and may we experience the reality of it in the coming days, even as we exercise our authority in Christ with confidence, thus bringing glory to His Name!

Psalm 133

This Psalm tells us about the blessings that flows when brethren dwell together in unity. First of all, we experience goodness and pleasantness, vs 1. Next, flows the precious anointing that comes from our head, the Lord Jesus Christ, flowing right down to His Church, which is His body, vs 2.

And, with this we also experience the freshness of dew, even the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion, and there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life forevermore, vs 3.

So, if we want to experience the goodness of God, and a pleasantness in the atmosphere around us, as well as the anointing of the Lord, coupled with a vibrant freshness that comes from being in His presence, then we need to strive to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace, Ephesians 4:3; both in our homes as well as in the body of Christ, no matter how others treat us! This can be achieved only when we walk worthy of the calling wherewith we have been called, with all lowliness and meekness,with longsuffering and bearing with one another in love; Ephesians 4: 1,2.

Without seeking to be united with each other, with all our hearts, and without pursuing peace with everyone, and holiness, none will see the Lord, Hebrews 12:14; or experience His refreshing and anointed presence in our homes or Church meetings. Most often, only few members of the body of Christ do walk in such a manner. However, when each of us wholeheartedly seek to walk in such unity, God’s presence will inevitably come in power and every yoke in our midst will be broken to the glory of God.

So, let us remind ourselves, that if we want God’s presence and anointing in our midst, be it in the home or Church, we must be willing to pay the price and offer up our self life to death in obedience to God’s commandments. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.