Psalm 64 and 65

Psalm 64

In this Psalm David records two main character traits of wicked people. He asks God to protect him from their terrifying attacks and hide him from their evil plots, vs 1,2.

He notices that the two main ways in which they attack the innocent and unsuspecting person are with their tongues and minds. Their tongues are like sharpened swords and arrows that slander the innocent suddenly, in secluded places, and are unafraid of any retaliation that they may face as a result, vs 3,4.

They also encourage each other to carry out the evil plans and unjust schemes that their minds have devised, being confident that their evil, well-disguised plots will not be discovered, vs 5,6. Nevertheless, the Psalmist is assured that even as He has cried out to God for deliverance from their slander and wicked plots, God will shoot at them suddenly and their slander will bring about their demise, making all who see them to shudder, fear and proclaim what God has done, and reflect on His deeds, vs.7-9.

This will enable the godly to rejoice in the LORD and take shelter in Him, and all the morally upright will boast too, vs 10. Thus, we learn from this Psalm how to handle evil people that plot against the righteous with their tongues and well-devised evil plots. Instead of fretting over them, it is best to place them in the Lord’s hands, who alone is the righteous judge, and continue in well doing for we can never overcome evil with evil, but only with good, Romans 12:21, and in due season we shall reap the good we have sown, if only we do not get weary and give up. So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who belong to the family of faith, Galatians 6:9,10.

Psalm 65

Zion is a place in which the people of God fulfill their vows and offer unto God their praise, vs 1. And according to Psalm 50:23, God, has then promises to show us His salvation!

The following verses of the Psalm, tell us the wonderful things that God will then do for such people! God will hear their prayers, as they come before Him in faith, vs 2, and forgive their sins, as they are honest and repentant about the same, vs 3.
They will be chosen by God to approach Him and be allowed to live in His palace courts, and be satisfied with the good things of His house, even His Holy Place, vs 4! Now, He will answer our prayers, by performing awesome acts of deliverance, which will be seen by the ends of the earth and by those across the seas as well, and they too will begin to trust in God, vs 5!

It is He, who is all powerful, and who has demonstrated His strength by making the mountains, so we need not fear these ‘ mountains’, vs 6. It is He who will calm the raging seas and their roaring waves, as well as the commotion made by the nations, vs 7.

Even those living in the most remote areas ( all those who have strayed very far away from Him), will be awestruck by His acts and those living in the east and west will begin to praise Him, vs 8.

The earth will then be visited with the rain of God’s Holy Spirit and will become rich and fertile with overflowing streams full of water. He will provide grain for them, for He will prepare the earth to yield its crops and become fruitful once again, vs 9.

Hardened hearts will be softened, as God pours out His Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit will once again be seen therein, vs 10. The year will be crowned with God’s good blessings, and God will leave an abundance in His wake, vs 11. Dry pastures in the wilderness will, once again, glisten with moisture, and the hills will be clothed with joy, vs 12.

There will be an abundance of sheep (lost sheep) grazing in the meadows (His Church), and the valleys (low places), will be rich with grain (the revelation of God’s Word), resulting in singing and shouts of joy!

Praise God for the promise of this new season to all who choose to abide in vs 1, by offering unto God the sacrifice of praise, in faith, right through this period of uncertainty and drought, no matter how their situation looks, and by fulfilling their vows unto Him by His grace!

May we all receive grace to do so. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.