Resolutions of King David Psalm 101

  1. I will sing about God’s love and justice. 101:1.
  2. I will sing praises to the Lord. 101:1.
  3. I will lead a blameless life. 101:2.
  4. I will walk with blameless heart. 101:2.
  5. I will not see bad things with my eyes. 101:3.
  6. I will hate the deeds of faithless men. 101:3.
  7. I will keep people with perverse heart far from me. 101:4.
  8. I will have nothing to do with evil. 101:4.
  9. I will put to silence those who slanders against his neighbour in secret. 101:5.
  10. I will not endure those with haughty eyes and a proud heart. 101:5.
  11. My eyes will be on the faithful people in the land. 101:6.
  12. Blameless people only will minister to me or work under me.101:6.
  13. I will not allow anyone who practice deceit (speech or behaviour that keeps the truth hidden) to dwell in my house. 101:7.
  14. I will not allow anyone who speak falsely to stand in my presence. 101:8.
  15. I will put to silence all the wicked in the land. 101:9.
  16. I will cut off every evil doer. 101:9

Is it possible / impossible to practice the above resolutions in our life?

How many of the above resolutions are ours? Can we declare to practice the above resolutions in our life?

Rev. C.V. Abraham

No fear when He returns

When Paris was liberated from the German axis in 1945, crowds gathered in huge numbers to welcome the liberators entering the city. They roared in joy.

In Ps 98:4-9, we see a worldwide roar when Jesus, returns to judge the world with justice and equity. Will we see it on TV? Will we be transported to a different dimension? No idea

What we do know is that there will be no fear for those who have accepted the work of the cross and have been reconciled with God. Those of us whose sins were forgiven because Jesus died on our behalf, will be roaring with joy all over the world. The sea will roar with us and the rivers will clap there hands!

What a wonderful day that will be. Till then, as we wait in hope, cleansed by His blood, our duty is to keep our houses in order.

Let us spend some time daily, dusting, cleaning and chasing away those spiders, lizards, cockroaches that wander around occasionally. Let us keep clean as we wait in hope to roar a joyful welcome to our Lord when He returns.

Stay blessed.
Adeline Albert