Strength and courage to live the life He has purposed for us

Psalm 80 : 1- 19

Asaph was a prominent Levite singer and seer in David’s court and was the son of Berachiah of the tribe of Levi. (1Chr 6:39, 1Chr 15:17, 1Chr 15:19; 1Chr 16:4-7; 2Chr 29:30). He is the ancestor of the Sons of Asaph, one of the great family guilds of temple musicians.

Asaph is featured prominently in Chronicles. He is described as the chief of the Levites appointed to minister before the ark of the Lord, and he and his brothers are appointed to sing the songs of thanksgiving to the Lord (1Chr 16:4-7). His description as a seer (2Chr 29:30)

Psalm 80 1-3
3 times in this psalm is written turn us again and with a reason which include the need of turning back to God as he is the one Asaph knew can save them alone.
First time he Compares God has a shepherd who leads the flocks of Israel and who can only save them alone from the situations they were facing in. Asaph knew God will turn his people back from the way, they are scattered in, and he only can guide them to the right path and save them from all his enemies.

Psalm 80 4-7
Second times he narrates why he wants God to turn them back, he say about the pain they going through, as they have not obeyed and went astray and how the enemies laughs at their situation. The only one who can deliver them from all the situations they have bought them into is the one who Called. He knew he can turn back and deliver them from their’s enemies.

Psalm 80 8-19
Third times he narrates why he wants God to turn them back, he mention about Israelites about how God bought them out of Egypt and planted it and made it prosper everywhere it goeth. He mentioned how even though planted it has now been plucked by everyone who pass by it, how the boar of the wood doth waste it, and how the wild of the beast of the field doth devour it.

It shows about the struggles the Israelities were going through and about the enemies who were ready to destroy them and devour them whenever they pass by. Asaph sings about How God has planted it and how he lead it through the years and that he is only one who can bring back the Israelites and turn their heart back to him and he is the source of their strength as God is the one who planted them . In this psalm we realize, how the creator know the creation well and how each one of us are planted by him and he is the source of our strength. But when we back slide , we get detached from the source and look for others to fulfill that Void that God only can fill.

In the psalm the musician knew who could deliver them when they turn their back to him again and how they were bought back from situations before and how he can deliver them again from the pit they have made themselves to be in. We sometimes overthink and Walk away from God due to distractions of Life, when our walk is away from him the path we need to reach is not seen clearly and we get carried away in the wrong path. But its never to late to start again and come back from the pit, he still wait for us to remember the first love and come back to him again to guide you back at the right path.

The walk of life is hard and with the shepherd we know we are going at the right path and he will deliver us from our enemies but coming back and surrendering again to the one who created us will give us the strength and courage to live the life He has purposed for us.

Bieula Selvamani