The Book of Psalms 98 to 104

Psalm 98 – A call to celebrate with joy the righteous reign of the Lord. Its divided into three parts.

1) A worshipping congregation at the temple.
2) All people of the earth.
3) The whole creation.

God’s saving acts were celebrated. God’s saving acts revealed his righteousness to the nations. God’s love and faithfulness sums up God’s covenant commitment to His people. All the nations had to make music with harps and trumpets (rams horn) and praise the Lord. The sea, the world, the rivers mountains should clap their hands and sing of the righteousness of God.

Psalm 99 – A hymn celebrating the Lord as the great and holy king of Zion. As a great king he should be feared and honoured. His saving acts are demonstrated by His justice and righteousness. When God sits on His heavenly throne the earth is His foot stool. Moses, Aaron and Samuel called on the name of the Lord as they instructed the people. The justice and righteousness of God’s rule in Israel have been shown in the manner in which He dealt with their sins. The Lord is holy and forgiving. He had to be exalted and worshipped.

Psalm 100 – Its a call to praise followed by a declaration of why the Lord is worthy of praise. The Lord is good in that His love and faithfulness are unfailing at all times. His love and faithfulness endures forever and He is worthy of praise and thanksgiving.

Psalm 100 – Celebration of the pattern of God’s reign which the king makes the model for his own. Love and justice were the two qualities of his reign. The king’s essential commitment heart and eyes. A person follows the dictates of his heart-the inner man, and the eye is externally influenced. He pledges to be blameless and put to silence the faithless men, slanderers, haughty men, the deceivers, the wicked and evil doers in His kingdom.

Psalm 102 – A prayer offered at the time of great distress. Due to great distress his body and spirit withered, God’s wrath being the reason. His tears were his food and drink. He was lonely and his enemies slandered him. God reigns forever and ever and His mercies to those who look for Him for salvation will never fail. He will deal with the wicked. God’s deliverance for his people should be recorded for continual praise. The Lord does not change. So Israel’s future was secure.

Psalm 103 – A recollection of God’s compassion and mercies towards His people and the personal benefits received. In the latter portion of the Psalm it celebrates God’s compassion on His people as sinners and also as frail mortals. It concludes with the vastness of His love.

The Lord forgives, heals, redeems and satisfies. He works justice and righteousness and His compassion is great. As the heavens are above the earth so great is His love. As far as the East is from the west so far has He removed our transgressions. In heaven the angels who do His will and obey His word praise Him.

Psalm 104 – This Psalm is a hymn to the Creator. He speaks of the celestial realm, the earth’s solid foundations and secure boundaries. The earth is a flourishing garden of life. The gift of water from below waters the ravines. The gift of water from above cultivates the fields. The vegetation was created followed by the birds and animals.

Day and night were formed. At night the wild animals are busy hunting for food. In the day time they lie down in the dens and man goes back to work. The sea is so vast with a collection of great and small creatures. God is so much greater than His creation that with a look or touch He could undo it. God is so worthy to receive praises and thanksgiving.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝