When we are in the High Tower with God, we are safe in this Lockdown

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Day 121, 270 Days Bible Reading, Thursday, 12.11.20. ✒

When we are in the High Tower with God, we are safe in this Lockdown, as the Tower is above all the Challenges of the Corona Virus… Psalm 18:2.

🏰 I just came off the phone ministering to a sister in another continent who is going through depression because of her dysfunctional family life. I am so glad that I could turn her attention to Psalm 18 — a long Psalm that summarizes the testimony of David’s life, of all the deliverances he experienced from God when he faced his enemies and King Saul. God was his strength, fortress, strong tower, deliverer, rock, shield, horn, salvation and stronghold.

🏰 For David, a high strong tower means a place located above the danger zone. He confidently could say that with God as his high tower, he could experience victory and deliverance. When we make God our fortress, He can shield us from the pain that comes to destroy us emotionally. Psalm 18 is a thanksgiving song, and there are a lot of similarities with the song in 2 Samuel 22. David was able to experience victory and deliverance because of his love and trust in the Lord, which he declares in Psalm 18:1-3. Very often we doubt his love when we are overwhelmed with so much unbearable pain and when we are faced with challenges.

🏰 David knew fully well that it was not his strength that saved him but the strength of God working in him. He was so happy to be a servant of God more than being a king of the Israelites. David knew God’s heart and God knew that he was after God’s own heart, Acts 13:22. The Lord was all that David needed in his life’s tough times. He had hidden in the caves and among the rocks, and found that God was his Rock of Protection, Psalm 18:2. Jesus is our Rock and our lives should be built on the Rock of God’s Word to withstand the storms of life, Matthew 7:24.

🏰 Dear Child of God, Remember this, in his distress David cried out to God, Psalm 18:6. He is the only One who can turn the current pandemic around and we should be calling out to God, trusting that He will hear us. Often, a time of distress is a time for prayer to bring us to the throne of His grace, Hebrews 4:16. The prayers of David came up before Him with acceptance and it reached His ears, and even entered into His ears. Yes, the prayers of His people will reach Him. Therefore, in our challenging situations, with increased risk of mental and emotional pain, because of the restrictions of movement and the limitations that has been imposed for safety reasons, let us run into the strong tower and be safe in His Presence until deliverance comes, Proverbs 18:10. Trust and Love Him at all times… Amen. 🙏

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