👘✝️Clothed in Christ

👉 Verse 14 of Romans 13 tells us to clothe ourselves with Jesus.

👉 *The benefits of putting on Jesus are-

1️⃣ SUPERNATURAL LOVE (13: 8-10)

📍*The word for this supernatural love in Greek, is the word “agape”. *
📍Agape is the word to express the unselfish and overwhelming love that God showed us through Jesus.
📍Jesus put aside His rights as God and taking upon Himself humanity and then dying a horrible death on a Roman cross to pay for our sins.
📍This is a profound call to develop a deep horizontal love… that can never be extinguished.


📌 One of the awesome things about Superman, is that evil doers really couldn’t hide from him because he had the ability to see through walls
📌 Through putting on Jesus Christ we have that, but even better.
📌 Jesus knows every action, every thought, every evil plan, and exactly what the future holds for every one of us.
📌 Believers are to wake up from spiritual lethargy and love their neighbors while they have the opportunity to do so.
📌 In our wakefulness then, we put on Christ.


🔖 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and let His light change the hearts of the people around us.
🔖 When the Light Of Christ shines in us, upon us and through us we won’t even want to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.
🔖 Light can’t have darkness in it or it’s not light.
🔖 Darkness can’t have light in it or it’s not darkness.
🔖 This side of eternity all of us will have a little bit of both.
🔖 But the more we expose ourselves to The Light, the more we can allow the brilliance of Jesus to sterilize us and renew us, so that we can reflect JESUS to this world.


💥 Paul gives three big categories of sin that we fight off at the first thought of it…
• Drunkenness
• Sexual sin
• Quarreling and Jealousy.

💥Jesus Himself covers, motivates and empowers us.
💥 “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ means trust him, hope in him, cherish him for all these things.” John Piper.

‼️Let our friendship with Christ be as close as the clothes we wear.‼️

Princess Hudson