Graceful Woman 🌹

The Book of first Samuel commences with the interesting events that happened in a family. There was a man called Elkanah. He had two wives. One was Hannah and she had no children. The other was Peninnah and she had children. Hannah’s barrenness made her vulnerable for Peninnah to provoke her to tears.

The taunts increased whenever they went to worship the Lord at His temple in Shiloh. Year after year this happened and Hannah was brokenhearted over her lack. After Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel, Hannah was the fourth women to face barrenness in her life for prolonged years. God was with Hannah and He was working in her, through her and for her.

▪️ The Lord closed her Womb ▪️
Twice in the first chapter the Bible says that the Lord had closed Hannah’s womb (1 Sam 1:5, 6). How mistaken are we to think that God is not with us when we are face peculiar delays and problems. Hannah had a genuine problem. God was the reason behind her problem. God had closed her womb.

God can and may close doors in our life so that He can prepare us for a greater blessing. When blessings delay, don’t despair instead rely on Him more and more.

▪️ The Lord remembered Hannah ▪️
Hannah rose from her grief, went to the temple of the Lord, humbled herself, poured out her heart and prayed with a vow. And the Bible says the LORD remembered her (1 Sam 1:19). God remembered the prayers of Hannah and opened her womb. She was blessed with a son whom she named as Samuel.

Unless and until the Lord remembers us we can never be delivered from our difficulty. Before God could bless Hannah with a Samuel, she was crushed and hardpressed until she poured out her heart to God in prayer. Pray, keep on praying and continue in pray until God remembers.

▪️ The Lord was gracious to Hannah ▪️
Hannah kept her vow and gave little Samuel to serve the Lord. After this the Lord was gracious to Hannah (1 Sam 2:21). He blessed her with three more sons and two daughters. Perhaps God compensated Hannah for the years of her grief and anguish. Israel was going through a transition period. Samuel was the last Judge.

Samuel was the prophet God chose to anoint and lead the earlier kings of Israel. For this purpose Hannah the mother of Samuel had to pray much. If God is making us pray much for a particular cause, there will be a greater blessing in it and through it.

Dear Ones in Christ, even now it appears as if this COVID is refusing to leave our planet. But this pandemic has evoked deep repentance and lakhs of people all over the world are praying for a divine deliverance. God has permitted this for a specific reason.

After God’s purpose is accomplished, there will come a time when God will remember us and be gracious unto us. And the entire world will be free from this crisis. God will bless the people with a great revival. The economic crash will soon turn into an economic boom. Until then let us keep praying earnestly.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
September 11, 2020