Servant leaders in Bible reading programme.

An admin is one who takes care of a WhatsApp group. He or she can add few more fellow admins in the group. His main responsibility is to add more people to the group and to see that everyone follow the guidelines of the programme. The admin and one more fellow admin suggested by him or her will be members in the admins group under a Group Coordinator.

A Group Coordinator(GCO) is one who coordinates many groups or admins. Minimum 10 groups. There are many Group Coordinators who are taking care of around 175 groups. The GCO and another active admin, whom we can call assistant Group Coordinator suggested by him or her will be members of the Group Coordinators Group under a Mega Group Coordinator.

A Mega Group Coordinator is one who takes care of many group coordinators. They should be able to properly guide, encourage and motivate all the group coordinators and admins in their groups.

We all should remember that we are serving the Lord. We should be servant leaders and should reflect the love, care, humility…of Jesus. Let others see Jesus in us.

We could be an utter failure as a leader if we think we are above others in knowledge or in position….Many members who joined as a member in our programme are more mature, educated, able with much more Biblical knowledge than us…

All the leaders should pray regularly for the members in their group or groups and should play a pastoral role to the sheep under them.

I am a servant to everyone in this programme and don’t have any special authority over anyone. The Lord in His great mercy is using me as a tool in His Hands. He can use any person. We all are fellow servants in His Vineyard.


Hope most of the members who were in 240 days Bible reading programme, joined our 270 days programme.

Today we can post the self joining link in all the 240 days groups and encourage all of them to join the programme. We can request them to forward the self joining link to all their contacts. Rev.CVA.