Sharing about my journey as we have completed 90 days

Sharing about my journey as we have completed 90 days of the plan already💟Anshoo from Saudi Arabia 🌼
I’m grateful to God who enabled me to read through the Bible yet again through this 270 days programme.

At the first time I read it in the 240 days schedule. I have never read the Bible the way I could do it after joining this plan, as I never had any opportunity or guidance as how to read and learn the word of God.,Every time I attempted reading Bible , I got stuck at the portions with numbers and so many names etc and thought it is not my cup of tea and I cannot make it possible and left it reading understandable simple portions from here and there all the time.. But this reading plan gave me hope to hold on and continue to learn about scriptures in a disciplined way. Manytimes in struggling situation I found that God’s word to be so living and active and the portion I read spoke to me giving hope and desire to learn more deeply.

Being in Middle East , fellowship with others is difficult here and no one easily accept unknown people like me. Hardly ever have I heard about Churches or Bible studies being held here in KSA , as no one wants to share and disclose about themselves to others..I have found all the doors totally shut and no acceptance by others, perhaps due to the fear of this difficult nation..which for a while had a profound negative impact in my belief system !

Reading through first 240 days plan,I learnt even though I could not understood much but God appreciate sincere heart and perseverance,our efforts , toil and patient endurance; and as I had the desire to know God words in a better way , I could get into the second plan again.

This time I tried to be an administrator of one group also, but I saw resistance among people to join and, many of them dropped off as well. They have many reasons but I understand that If there is a will, there is a way. I’m very busy too being a Doctor and have various deadlines to meet and many commitments as well.

If I was able to read the Bible through who have never read it once before (this is the second time in 3 years of my faith life) , I feel anyone who really desires and decides with determination will be able to read through the Bible . When we put our mind and determination to it, God gives the grace and enables us.

I get up at 3 am everyday to read the given portion regularly.
I want to encourage all fellow friends to join around the world to read and study the word, the bread for Life. I am not a born beliver so struggling hard and trying to understand and read without having any personal fellowship or church to attend or having any personal bible study group here in KSA;so I wonder that why cant all others make it possible who love God🤔

Thankyou to Dr Narga and Brother Rev C.V Abraham for their encouragement and pushing me to write and share about my journey as how bible reading plan has touched my life..I only understand that God sees our pure heart and love for HIM and rest all HE makes it happen HIMSELF, when we trust in HIM🌷🌷🌷.