Sky is the Limit

Some of us can see only our family members, close friends and few church members, when we think about adding people to our Bible reading programme. We need to see the world through the eyes of our LORD, who died for the whole world and who wants everyone to experience His love.

Let us see beyond what we can see with our physical eyes. The population of the world is around 7.8 billion or 780 crores. Can we start praying for the world and see this huge multitude of people, who need to experience God’s love?

Many of us see only our limitations of time, knowledge, abilities… Let us turn our attention to the Almighty Lord, who is able to help us in anything and in everything.

A pen in the hands of an illiterate person is only a toy or a small stick. A signature with the same pen by a billionaire, in a bank cheque can give millions or even billions.

Let us give ourselves in the hands of the Almighty God and see how He can use us. PLEASE join as a group coordinator to encourage upto 100 people to serve as admins in new WhatsApp groups or as an admin in the Bible reading programme and see what the Lord can do. We could be an instrument in God’s hands to reach thousands or lakhs. Lord is interested in giving us the needed training, provided we are willing to undergo the training.

A boat tied to a tree can’t reach anywhere. Let us untie the boat and give it to the best boat man who can take it to any destination. How can we achieve anything without trying? What is wrong in trying. Let us try and achieve it. Let us do it now.

Let us learn to dream for the Lord. Lord can make our dreams into a reality. This is my testimony in the Bible reading programme.

Sky is the limit to a person, who is fully committed to the Lord.