Today’s Manna, Satan’s Strategy


Simon Peter writes, “Cast all your anxiety on him ( Jesus ) because he cares for you ” 1Peter 5:7
👉🏽 Have you ever thought what is so special in this verse ?
✅ Yes , this verse is worth reading , and it bring forth blessing when we apply it.


🎯 Because you are in this verse ( .. all your )

🎯 Because your anxiety are in this verse ( “.. casting all your anxiety” )

🎯 Because Jesus is in this verse ( “.. upon Him” )

🎯 Because Jesus cares for you.

🙏 Claim it at the time of your crisis because THE ONE WHO CARED ENOUGH TO SAVE US WILL CARE FOR ALL OUR CARES 🛐

Glory to God 🙏
Mark Boje

Satan’s Strategy

Dear Friends,

Satan is very discouraged that lakhs of people are reading and studying God’s Word, regularly, seriously and systematically. He is sad that many people were sharing their insights in the group which was helping the readers to understand the Bible and to grow in Him. He is upset that it is transforming the lives of all those who are seriously studying the Bible. He is sad that many churches are getting revived.

Satan kept telling every participant in our programme that they are very busy people and don’t have time to follow this kind of a study programme. He was suggesting to many people that, this much is not needed. Reading a portion from the Bible is enough and it could be the same portion or a familiar portion. Reading once in a while is ok. He also added that this is not a programme of your church. Some people took it seriously and stopped the Bible reading and study programme.

Satan is again very active. To all those who wanted to be an Admin in a new WhatsApp group.

  1. You are not mature to do it.
  2. How can you serve as an Admin, when your Biblical knowledge is so limited?
  3. It is a very difficult task which only few people can do.
  4. Nobody will join as people are not interested in Spiritual matters.
  5. Your knowledge of using WhatsApp is very limited.
  6. You are a very busy person and you have no time to do this.
  7. You can do it later but not now.

I request those who are not joining as an admin to tell what are some other matters which he told you.

Satan’s suggestion to all those who could serve as a Group Coordinator or as a Mega Group Coordinator.

  1. You are a very busy person and can’t do that much.
  2. You need to take care of your health. You need some rest.
  3. You can do a better job as admin in just one group.
  4. Are you getting any benefit by doing all this?
  5. You are neglecting your family and job.

I request others to fill the rest in your mind.

Friends, are we going to listen to the suggestions of Satan or are we going to trust the Lord to overcome all the obstacles? Let us defeat all the strategies of the enemy and use all our time, talents and resources to come closer to the Lord and to bring all those around us closer to the Lord.