God reveals to Zechariah His great love for His people

Zechariah 8

God reveals to Zechariah His great love for His people and the fact that His rage will definitely fall on those who do them harm, vs 1,2! He now gives great hope to the remnant of His people who have endured His chastening on account of their sins, and who were Lord present at the founding of the house of the Lord, vs 9-11,14,15.

He assures them that He would save His people and bring them back to Jerusalem such that they would be His people and He would be their God in truth and righteousness, vs 7,8. For nothing would be too difficult for the Lord to do, although it may seem so impossible, for He is indeed the Lord who rules over of all in righteousness and truth, vs 6!

And when the Lord began to live within Jerusalem it would be called the ‘truthful city’ and the ‘holy mountain’, vs 3, where old men and women would once again live to a ripe old age, vs 4, and the streets of the city would be full of boys and girls playing, vs 5, and there would be a peaceful time of sowing and wherein the vine would produce its fruit and the ground its yield, and the skies would rain down dew, vs 12. Thus, just as His people were earlier a curse to the Nations, so after He saved them, they would now be a blessing instead, vs 13!

All they needed to remember to do was to speak the truth to one another and practice true and righteous judgment in their courts, while refraining from planning evil in their hearts against one another and refusing from favoring a false oath, for these are the things that God hates, vs 16,17. God also confirmed that as they took care to do these things, their fasts of the fourth, fifth, seventh, and tenth months would become joyful, happy and pleasant feasts for the house of Judah, vs 18,19.

This would attract the residents of many other cities, as well as many peoples and powerful Nations to come to their light, in order to seek the favour of the Lord, vs 20,21, and the Jews would be the most sought after people, for the news would go around that God is indeed with them, vs 22!

These blessing can be ours too, no matter how impossible it may seem at present, provided we willingly humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God as He chastens us for our sins, and we begin to walk in truth and righteousness, while refraining from planning evil in our hearts against each other and refusing to give false oaths too!

Our God is a God of restoration and new beginnings! So, let us repent of all those disobediences that are hindering our blessings, as the Holy Spirit reveals the same to us, and be assured that God will visit us with favour and restoration and make us a blessing to many once again. For nothing would be impossible with
God. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.