David – A man of generosity

📕 1Samuel Chapter 30
David , the young shepherd boy and a musician, turned to a warrior in the King Saul’s army had won many battles against the enemies of Israel including Amalekites.

📝 In 1Sam 27:8 it is recorded that David raided the Amalekites from Ziklak . Now in today’s passage, taking the advantage of David’s absence, the Amalekites retaliate. They burned the city of Ziklak and captured the wives and children of David and his men .

📝 So David takes 600 men to track down the Amalekites but only 400 men could carry out the mission. They defeated the Amalekites and recovered everything ( ” Nothing was missing : young or old , boy or girl.. ” v 18 – 19 )

📌 A problem soon arises. Some of those who had fought the battle do not want to share the plunder with those who did not fight ( v 22 ).
According to Number 31:27 each soldiers who fought the battle would receive a share of the spoils.
📝 But David advocated for an equal division of the plunder, exemplifying principles of TRUE GENEROSITY and the FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH that all we possess belongs to God.
David reminds his men that their gains are from the Lord, so all must have a share. This decree becomes standard practice in Israel ( v 25 )

📝 In today’s reading passage, David demonstrated himself as a man of generosity :
✳️ He pursues those in need in the face of despair ( v 1-6 )
✳️ He rescues and restores what has been lost ( v 1-25 )
✳️ He seeks direction from God ( v 6-8 )
✳️ He provides rest for the weary ( v 9-10 )
✳️ He offers assistance to the abandoned ( v 11-15 )
✳️ He shares equitably with those too weak to work ( v 23-24 )
✳️ He gives from abundance to bless insufficiency ( v 11-15 , 23-24 )
✳️ He stands firm in God’s truth when opposed by the selfish and foolish ( v 22-25 )
✳️ He acknowledges that all provision is from God ( v 23-24 )
✳️ He bestows gifts upon others ( v 26-31 )

💞 Beloved Church, just as David showed himself to be true, righteous leader and future king through his GENEROSITY, we also are to show ourselves to be the true children of the KING by our own GENEROSITY ( Psalm 112:9 ; Mat 25:31-46 )
💫 However, GENEROSITY and GRACE are the characteristics of God’s economy ( Acts 4:32-37 )
We can all be GENEROUS with our God-given resources.

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳