The book of Job

Day 111November 2, 2020Job 1-3, Esther 9
Day 112November 3, 2020Job 4-8
Day 113November 4, 2020Job 9-13
Day 114November 5, 2020Job 14 -19
Day 115November 6, 2020Job 20-23
Day 116November 7, 2020Job 24-30
Day 117November 8, 2020Job 31-34
Day 118November 9, 2020Job 35-38
Day 119November 10, 2020Job 39-Psalms 2

Faith and Attitude

Job 1: 21And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath …

The book of Job

✍️👳🏻‍♂️ THE 📖 OF JOBDays: 111 Job: 1 – 3Monday: 02.11.2020 Job was a very rich man, and although he did not belong to the people …

Surfing the suffering

Job 1 – 3❇️ Book of Job is a lesson on suffering whose Author is God himself who allows suffering to test us, to discipline …

Job 1-5

This amazing book clearly shows us how different God’s ways are from our own! God pointed out to the devil that no one living on …

Little known Man

🥥 In a Nutshell 🥥👳‍♂️ Little known Man 👳‍♂️Mordecai falls into the category of little known or little spoken of man in the Bible. But …

Satan lives Job 1:6-22

At the start of the Bible he appears as the snake in the garden of Eden,luring humankind into rebellion against God. Genc3:1_7. In the. back …

There is no one on earth like him

“There is no one on earth like him.” Job.1:8. God said about Job to Satan.a. Job is blameless.b. Job is upright.c. Job fears God.d. Job shuns …

Comforting the distressed

“COMFORTING THE DISTRESSED” Job.2:11-13. Job was a blameless, upright person who feared God and shunned evil.(Job.1:8). God allowed Satan to test him and in one day, …

Job 6-12

After Eliphaz’s explanation and exhortation to Job, Job begins to justify his complaints. As he does so, we get to see the difficulties that he …
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