The Book of Proverbs

Day 141December 2, 2020Proverbs 1-3, Psalms 147-150
Day 142December 3, 2020Proverbs 4-7
Day 143December 4, 2020Proverbs 8-12
Day 144December 5, 2020Proverbs 13-17
Day 145December 6, 2020Proverbs 18-22
Day 146December 7, 2020Proverbs 23-26
Day 147December 8, 2020Proverbs 27-31

Proverbs 3

In this Chapter we discover many secrets. These will enable us to live life in…

Bouquets of Praise

HALLELUJAH❗ Bouquets of Praise💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 PSALM 147 – 150 💐The Book of Psalm ,ends so aptly…

The Book of Proverbs

AuthorSolomon was the principal contributor to this collection. Solomon identified himself as the source of…

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