Make the book live to me, O Lord

Josiah actions exemplify a godly rule 22:2. Judah’s practice of faith has so deteriorated it has no memory of God’s law. Josiah was crowned king at the age of 8 and he was 16 when he began to seek God of his father David 2 chron 34:3 and just 20 when he began to thoroughly destroy any sign of worship of pagan gods in Jerusalem and throughout Judah. Not only did he do away with false worship, he encouraged respect for the one true God.

Book found He ordered the temple to be restored, and during that process Hilkiah the priest rediscovered the Book of the law that described all the ways the people should obey God. The young king tore his clothes with grief that the Lord’s law had been misplaced for so long.

Book read and found king understood disobedience to the living God and His law brought so much tragedy to the nation So Josiah summoned all the people to hear the reading of the entire book of the covenant.

Book followed By means of the law of God, Josiah separated the people from evil 23:24. By the word and with God’ s help they would walk after the Lord. 23:3, keep the Passover unto the Lord,23&21_23. Josiah’s separation to the Lord was total for he turned to the Lord with all his heart, with all his soul, and with all his might according to all the law of Moses 23:25 As long as Josiah lived, all the people of Israel did not fail to follow the Lord 2 chron 34:33

Cynthia Sathiaraj