This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves

We are not doing right… this is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves… Let us go at once and report.. 2 Kings.7:9.

Ben Heded, King of Aram mobilised his entire army and laid seige to Samaria, capital of Israel. 2 Kings.6:24,25… Because of extreme starvation, people were killing even their own children for food. 6:28,29.

4 lepers who were staying at the entrance to the city gate, decided to take a risk by going to the Aramean camp. They were willing even to die, to escape from starvation. 2 Kings.7:3,4. On reaching the Aramean camp, they found that the camp is fully deserted. All the soldiers abandoned their tents, their horses and donkeys . They ran for their lives. 2 Kings.7:5-8.

Those lepers ate and drank, and carried away silver, gold and clothes and went off and hid them.. 2 Kings.7:8. At this point, they remembered the seriousness of starvation of their people and decided to go to Samaria in the night itself and report this to the King. Their timely action helped everyone to get food in plenty. 2 Kings.7:16.

What could have been our response, if we see all those gold, silver and costly things?

What are we doing today?Are we interested only in collecting material things for ourselves and for our future generations or are we concerned about the perishing millions?

People in millions are dying spiritually. Are we willing to go to those people and to share the Good News to them?

What could be our role in saving those who are dying eternally?