God’s timing in order to enter into our God-appointed destines

Once again David showed no mercy to the murderers of Ish bosheth, 2 Samuel 4, even though they presented themselves before him with Ish bosheth’s head and were in favour of having him as their next king, vs 8!

In all these matters, David ensured that the kingdom of Israel was handed over to him by God alone, and in His timing too, and not because David fought for it himself!

And surely enough, in the fullness of time, the tribes of Israel approach him and crown him king over all of Israel too, 2 Samuel 5:1-5. He captured the fortress of Zion and called it the city of David, vs 9. The king of Hiram then sent him all that was needed to build his palace, vs 11.

However, David realised that God had shown him favour for the sake of his people Israel, and not for his self glorification, vs 12.

On hearing that he had become king, the Philistines came against him, not once but twice, nevertheless, as he sought God for counsel and direction, God led him strategically into defeating them completely, vs 17-25!

Soon after this, David focuses his attention on bringing in the ark of God from the household of Abinadab, 2 Samuel 6.

However, because he used the ‘Philistine way’, of doing so, instead of the way God had prescribed by Moses, it led to the death of Uzzah, who touched the ark in an effort to keep it from falling when the oxen stumbled vs 4-7.

On realising his mistake, subsequently, David humbled himself and did things the lawful way, and so, successfully brought in the ark into the city of David and placed it in the tent that he had prepared for it, vs 12,17. Once David had comfortably settled into his palace and had rest from all his enemies, his thoughts were immediately directed towards building a permanent temple into which the ark could be placed, 2 Samuel 7.

This mind-set of putting the Kingdom first, inspite of the fact that he was comfortably settled in his own palace, gave him great favour with God and eternal blessings too, vs 8-17, which David accepted graciously and humbly with gratitude and thanksgiving, vs 18-29! After this David conquers several kings and his fame spreads as a result. Thus he reigns over all Israel and guaranteed justice for all people, 2 Samuel 8:1-15!

This shows us that waiting for God’s timing in order to enter into our God-appointed destines, while humbling ourselves during the waiting period brings great and lasting gain.

Similarly, seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first, consistently, even after God blesses us, enables us to gain favour with God in a way that ensures not only earthly but eternal blessings too! Let us choose to wholeheartedly follow this path of humility and blessing. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.