For there stood by me, this night the angel of God

Acts. 27:23.

“For there stood by me, this night the angel of God”.

Tempest and long darkness, coupled with imminent risk of ship wreck, had brought the crew of the vessel into a sad case.

Paul alone among them remained perfectly calm and by his word the people were reassured.

Paul was the only man, who had heart enough to say, Sirs,be of good cheers “.

He had a secret Friend, “Jesus “,who kept his courage up.

The Lord Jesus despatched a heavenly messenger to whisper words of consolation in the ear of His faithful servant.

If we fear the Lord, we may look for timely interpositions, when our case is at its worst.

Angels are not kept from us by storms or hindered by darkness.

Seraphs think it no humiliation to visit the poorest of the heavenly family.

If we are in distress, ask Jesus for peculiar help.

If we earnestly seek Lord’s Presence, it will not be denied.

Like Paul, we have the angel of God, standing by us in a night of storm.

The angel of God is very near to us amidst the darkness.

Lord ‘s Presence shall comfort us.

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