Care take and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of an Admin, Group Coordinator and Mega Group Coordinator in BIBLE Reading Programme.


The main responsibility of the group admin is to add more members to the group and to see that members are following the guidelines of the group. Guidelines will be provided. Members should be added only with their consent. We can provide self joining link for each group. Interested people can join a group by themselves through this link. Admins and members can circulate the self joining link to all their contacts and encourage them to join. Maximum of 257 members can be added to a group. A group admin can add few active people as fellow admins in the group. All the admins will be a member in an admins group under a Group Coordinator. The group coordinator will be helping the admins to take care of the group.

Group Coordinator

Each group coordinator will be taking care of 10 to 100 groups. Their main responsibility is to help the admins and groups under them to function properly. All the group coordinators will be a member in the Group Coordinators group under the leadership of a Mega Group Coordinator.

Mega Group Coordinator.

Mega Group Coordinator will be guiding and coordinating all the Group Coordinators under him or her. All the Mega Group Coordinators will be a member in the group for them.

The chief servant in the programme will be posting any important messages in this group which can be forwarded from there to all the other groups.

All the members can share their insights after studying the portion for the day. Selected messages from a group could be forwarded to the Admins group. From admins group, selected messages could be forwarded again to group Coordinators group and from there to Mega Group Coordinators Group. So a meaningful message or insight can be forwarded upwards, downwards or sideways at any stage.

The LORD Himself will be controlling, guiding and helping each person in the programme. Together we will be studying God’s Word, to know Him better, to follow Him closer and to serve Him sincerely. Everything is for His glory and for the extension of His Kingdom.