Complete 90 days in our 270 days Bible reading programme

Dear Friends,

Lord helped us to complete 90 days in our 270 days Bible reading programme. Thanking God for all those who are part of this blessed study programme which is helping us to understand God’s Holy Word and to apply it in our life. Thanks to each one of you for your sincere participation.

We are reading the testimonies of people from different parts of the world about how God is blessing them in their study of God’s Word. Can you take few minutes to share your testimony for His glory? Please forward the testimonies to all the groups. Thanks to all those who are translating those in different languages. You may forward those to your dear ones also and encourage them to join the programme.

I request all the group Coordinators and admins to add all the active people in each group as fellow admins. Our prayer and expectation about all the members in this 270 days programme is that, they should serve as an admin in a new WhatsApp group in the next 300 days programme. Together we should be able to add few crores of people in the next programme. So now itself let us give them an opportunity to add more people in the group.

Let us continue to add as many people as possible. Please share about our programme and add all those who are interested. Please repost the self joining link in all the groups every now and then. Members can forward that to all their contacts and invite them to join.

God’s Word can transform individuals, families and the society. Our churches can be revived with His Word. So let us give this opportunity to all our contacts.

Let us continue to spend as much time as possible in the reading and study of God’s Word. Let us intercede for one another and for the world.

Please try to write down all the important points and your reflections daily in a notebook or in a file. This helps us to be sincere and systematic in our study.

It is good to select atleast one verse a day and write it down with reference in a seperate note book. Afterwards write it down in a pocket dairy or in a piece of paper. Let us memorize it and use it in our prayer or while talking to others.

Please try to share some insights in your group daily. It could be something which you have understood from the passage. To start with, it could be even 2 or 3 sentences. Trying to share our insights regularly in the group helps us a lot in our study. Then the Bible study becomes more serious and motivates others also to take it seriously.