God overlooks our times of ignorance and calls us now to repent

When we put our joy and trust in people and circumstances, we often find ourselves complaining whenever we don’t see situations and people turn out or behave as we expected them too! On the other hand, we express great praise to God when He gives us those victories that we have been long since looking forward to enjoy!

This was exactly what life looked liked for the Israelites once they heard the news from Moses and Aaron that their deliverance was nigh. It was a roller coaster ride that they were on, but only because their joy was founded on things that were changeable and shakeable with the passage of time, but not in the unchanging God whose Word is forever settled in the heavens, Psalm 119:89, and in whom there is no variation or the slightest hint of change, James 1:17. They praised God magnanimously when the experienced one of the greatest miracles ever, when they crossed the Red Sea on dry land while their enemies drowned forever in the same sea, Exodus 15:8-10,19. They rejoiced in exultation when they saw how their neighbouring enemies trembled with dread and fear on hearing about the great things that the Lord was doing on behalf of His people Israel, vs 14-16.

However, the moment they began to travel in the desert of Shur and Sin, they quickly forgot His works and grumbled against Moses and Aaron, Exodus 15:23-24 and Exodus 16:2,3. They did the same thing when they pitched camp in Rephidim, Exodus 17:2,3. In all these places, deliverance came came through Christ, who was represented by the Tree and the Rock that was thrown into the water and smitten respectively, Exodus 15:25 and Exodus 17:6. Provision for food also came in the form of bread and meat, which once again are a symbol of Christ, Exodus 16:12! So be it our need for water, food or bread our provision is already found in Christ!

But the question that needs to be answered is: Do we need to go to God for the same with an evil heart of unbelief that is made manifest by our complaining, grumbling and faithless disposition? Why can’t we remember and acknowledge His goodness and faithfulness in times past and offer Him the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving while setting our hearts right before be and approach Him in faith before He gives us our breakthrough or miracle? God overlooks our times of ignorance and calls us now to repent.

As we do so, we will avoid warring with the Amalekites (Esau’s descendants) physically, but instead do so through prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving, and that will be will be sufficient for God to deal victoriously over them from generation to generation, Exodus 17:8-16! For it was not God’s desire that Israel would be exposed to war, but rather that God Himself would deliver them through supernatural means, Exodus 13:17,18!

Let him who has an ear, hear!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.